how to apply zambia visa for indian passport holders

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If you like traveling, Africa would be a continent that will really impress you with its beauty. In this article about Zambia visa for Indian passport holders, we will discuss the visa policy, documents required, reasons to visit the country, and many more and how you can get all these facilities through Tourist Visa Online.

The adventurous country that is filled with beautiful picturesque scenery, along with vast wildlife, will make you fall in love with this country. The country consists of various natural resources, minerals, wildlife, forests, waterfalls, and fields all over. The small country was also ranked as one of the fastest economically developing countries in 2010 by the World Bank. Tourism in this country is wonderful, along with the culture and traditions.


Zambia visa exempt countries can enter the country without a visa; there are a total 44 countries that enjoy this facility.

Also, 94 countries enjoy the Zambia visa on arrival facility. The citizens of these countries just need to fill the approval form and get their visa when they arrive at the airport.

Zambia visa on arrival for Indian citizens is not yet exercised. Hence, if you hold an Indian passport, you need to fill out the application form online, which is an easy process. You can do that by following these steps:

  •         Open the website and enter your nationality and the country you are currently residing, and then enter the country that you wish to visit.
  •         Choose the visa type that you want
  •         Fill out the application form that opens right on your screen.
  •         Upload the documents that are asked.
  •         Pay the visa fee using a valid payment method (Paypal/Debit/Credit card)
  •         You will receive an email with your application number, note the number down, that will help you track your application later.

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Both the countries practice bilateral relationships. Zambia was immensely impressed by India’s freedom struggle, and India has always supported the country’s economic as well as technological developments. Also, Zambia has supported India with the Kashmir issue, terrorism, and the nuclear bomb testing in 1998. India exports pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, equipment and many other things to the country. India imports ores, minerals, semi precious stones, and other things from Zambia. The economic relation between the two countries has also increased since the past few decades. India also extends technical cooperation to the country in training their army personnel.

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Despite high poverty and less economy, the country always relies on its tourism to maintain their economic condition. Unlike the other African countries, this country has emerged a lot since colonial Africa ended. The economic pace of the country is applauding. The home to the famous Victoria fall, this country has a lot more reasons and places to be visited.


This small town is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the country. Situated on the banks of lake kariba, filled with vegetation, rosewoods, palm trees and much more, this place is just perfect to visit. There are luxurious and excellent hotels near the lake with beautiful balcony views. Apart from all these, the water reservoir here is a treat, you can enjoy tons of watersports and other recreational activities while being here.


The capital city and also the economic hub should be the place where you start your plans from. Perform some leisure activities, eat at your favorite restaurant, go shopping and buy some goodies for your family and friends. You can also visit the outskirts of the city to try on some wildlife. Go to the Lilayi elephant nursery, you can also look for rescued and rehabilitated elephants at the Kafue national park, care for them, and feed them.

You can also check the Sunday crafts market and look for unique jewelry, crafts and different artworks. The prices here are affordable along with bargaining.


You should surely visit this, the most visited place in southern Africa, and this place offers awesome scenery from a height of 355 feet. If you like adventure you can go for river rafting, bungee jumping, and also experience the helicopter rides.


This park has one of the largest concentrations of wildlife, consisting of elephants, giraffes, and also cape buffalo. As this park slopes down to the river, you can also view some crocodiles, and hippos. The best time to visit this place is during the dry season that is between July to October.

To try some more adventure, you can try the croc valley camp and walk through the jungle safari, indulge yourself closely to the wild.


This is what a jewel looks like, this national park is the perfect place to experience the wild habitat. This is the largest protected area in Zambia and the second largest in the entire continent of Africa. This park is home to various wildebeests, cheetah, zebras, also, the Kafue river houses some of the world’s largest crocodiles. You can view African wild dogs, and also the large elephant population.


The most striking and unforgettable section of the Victoria Falls is this national park. This area contains both the Victoria Falls as well as wildlife. The best thing about this park is the white rhino population. You can drive between this park and have a view of the vast wildlife of this area.


This lake is the largest man made reservoir in the world. Although Zambia is a landlocked country, when you visit this lake, you will feel as if you are looking at the ocean. You can stay on a houseboat, and spot hippos, birds, elephants and several other animals. The place also has world class restaurants, spas. You can take a cruise around the lake or visit the siavonga market and try the local cuisine and get to know more about the country’s culture.

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Q. As an Indian citizen, can I get a visa on arrival in Zambia?

No, Indian citizens are not eligible for a visa on arrival. You need to apply for an e visa, which is easy to do.

Q. What are the Zambia visa application requirements?

The documents that are required are:

  •         Accommodation proof.
  •         A valid Indian passport.
  •         Cover letter.
  •         Flight booking confirmation.
  •         Photograph
  •         Yellow fever certificate.

Q. What are the Zambia visa fees for Indian citizens?

The visa fee ranges from USD76-USD106 depending upon the type of visa that you want to avail. 

Applying for a Zambia visa online is not so difficult and doesn’t take much time to get processed.  Zambia immigration rules are not so tough to understand, and with the perfect beauty that this country has, this is the best place to travel to along with your family and friends. Fill out the Zambia visa for Indian passport holders application form and enjoy the wilderness like never before.

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