How To Get A Zambian Visa

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The application of a visa depends on the type of visa and the destination country. Different nations have a variety of visa requirements, and it all depends on the length of your stay. To obtain a tourist visa to the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom you must go through a series of personal interviews at the consulate. Hong Kong SAR requires a visa on arrival; whereas countries like Thailand, Jamaica, and Nepal do not require one.

In some cases, travel or visa agents or the consulate can help you get an appointment.

Visa Options 

South Africa's visa policy is a set of rules that determines who is allowed to enter the country without a visa, as well as who needs a visa to travel, enter, and remain in the country.

Immigration policy in South Africa allows citizens of around 80 countries to visit the country without a visa for short stays.

All other foreign travelers entering South Africa must obtain a visa before leaving their home country. As an alternative to the traditional embassy visa, you can apply for an electronic visa via an online application.

Citizens of India are currently able to apply for an online e-visa for South Africa, which is currently available as a pilot scheme. Obtaining a tourist or business visa to South Africa is made much easier with the online system.

Citizens of India are currently able to apply for an online E-visa for South Africa, which is currently available as a pilot scheme. Obtaining a tourist or business visa to South Africa is made much easier with the online system.

To visit South Africa, travelers who are not eligible for the E-visa must apply for a visa at a South African diplomatic mission.

If you're applying for a visa at an embassy, you'll need to specify whether you need a transit visa, a student visa, a work visa, or something else entirely.

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Application Procedure, Categories to Travel & Types of Zambian Visa 

Zambian visas can be obtained in two ways:

Visa can be applied online using Zambia's E-visa system, another way is through the Zambian consulate or embassy abroad.

Three Categories To Travel Zambia

People who want to travel to Zambia as a tourist can choose from three categories

  1. First Category: Visas are not required for entry into Zambia. A valid passport is the only thing you need to do.
  2. Second Category: Visa is only required on arrival at the airport or border post, or can be issued at a foreign mission.
  3. Third Category: In this category, if you want to enter Zambia, you will need a visa. Assigned foreign embassies, whether they're located in the United States or a neighboring nation can use Zambia's E-visa website to apply. 

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Visa Types

The types of visas that are available to international visitors are as below:

  1. Single Entry Visa: Only one entry is allowed on a single-entry visa, which allows its holder to enter Zambia only once during its validity.
  2. Double-Entry Visa: Double-entry visa, which allows the holder to enter Zambia twice during the validity of the visa.
  3. Multiple Entry Visa: As long as the holder maintains their visa, they can make several entries into a country.
  4. Zambia Transit Visa: This visa is issued to foreigners transiting through Zambia on their way to another country. There is a seven-day validity on the visa.
  5. Kaza Visa: This is a universal Zambia travel visa that allows the holder to travel between those two countries for a maximum of 30 days.

According to the purpose of your trip to Zambia/Zambian visas are also divided into different types of categories.

  • Zambia tourist visa is for foreigners traveling for tourism and leisure in Zambia.
  • The Zambia business visa is intended for foreigners traveling to Zambia on a short-term business basis.
  • Workers in Zambia are issued a Zambia Work Visa which is also known as an employment permit is issued.
  • For foreigners traveling to Zambia to study purposes, a Zambia student visa also called a student permit is issued.

Visa Fees 

According to the visa's duration, the fees for Zambia visas vary according to different visas.

  • Zambia single entry visa-76(USD)
  • Zambia double-entry visa-80(USD)
  • Zambia multiple entry visa-177(USD)
  • Zambia transit visa
  • Zambia day tripper visa-45(USD)
  • Kaza univisa  

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To summarize the application for a visa: Fill out an application, pay a fee to your visa agent, and then pick up your visa at the airport when you arrive at your destination. Another step is submitting all the required documentation such as photos, proof of address, undertaking form, and bank account statements for other countries that require a visa.

As mentioned in the former paragraphs, this visa procedure can also be applied to countries that don't require an interview round to obtain a visa. Some travel agencies can help those who need a visa. They offer some of the best travel services in the country of India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time depends on the nationality and might take 3 to 5 days to complete.

Yes, a Zambian visa is extendable.

The duration of a Zambian visa issued for business purposes is valid for 30 days.

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