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Zambia is a country of waterfalls, rivers, wildlife, and birds. The beautiful country, although vibrant with its rich culture, it is economically backward. More than sixty percent of the population is below the poverty line. It is termed one of the poorest countries of Africa. Lusaka, its capital, is a lively city with markets and historical places worth the time and money spent. The rich culture of the country is a must to behold. It is a wonderful country to visit as tourists, businessmen or even diplomats.

Ireland, being a fairly wealthy country, decided to aid Zambia with its changing development environment. The aid commenced in 2010. From providing clean water, sanitation, education fund, and more, Ireland has helped Zambia with its economic growth. For this reason, a few benefits have been to the citizens of Ireland by the Zambian government. The aid commenced in 2010.

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Travel from Ireland to Zambia

Many would ask is it possible for people to travel from Ireland to Zambia. To answer that question yes you can travel. Ireland citizens have every right to travel to Zambia. Be it a tourism basis or be it work-based. The aid to Zambia from Ireland lead to many improvements in the literacy levels, cleanliness, and infrastructural developments in Zambia. Therefore, the citizens of Ireland have been given some benefits. This includes easy and hassle-free travel to Zambia.

The steps for travel for Ireland citizens are as follows:-

  • Validity of Passport to be of minimum 6 months from date of travel.
  • Passport to have a few blank pages left for VISA.
  • Confirmation of transit VISAs if the travel is a connecting one.

The above are the basic points to be taken care of before planning a trip to Zambia from Ireland. This is to ensure that no legal or diplomatic problems arise during the stay in Zambia.  

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The main benefit that the citizens of Ireland receive is that they require no VISA for a thirty-day business visit. And a ninety-day tourism visit in Zambia. Irish citizens are also encouraged to contact the Ireland embassy at Zambia for any travel updates or required procedures before making any plans. This allows both the embassy and the visitors to make appropriate arrangements before their arrival.

Cautionary advice while traveling to Zambia

Zambia may be a historical and well-cultured country, but its poor population does tend to lean on petty crimes and thefts. The overall major crime rate is very low or close to zero in Zambia. Yet there are opportunistic crimes that prevail. Therefore the citizens of Ireland have been given some precautionary tips to ensure the aforementioned does not happen to them. Some of these tips are:-

  • Take extra precautions at ATMs. Check for any tampering on the machines before putting in the card and entering the pin.
  • Always ensure to keep your purse, keys, money, and other items inside your handbag.
  • Ensure to keep your handbag with you at all times.
  • Ensure to lock the doors and windows of the room or hotels you are staying in to avoid in-house thefts.
  • Irish citizens are advised to carry foreign currency with them. This is to ensure that they have extra cash in hand in case their debit card declines.

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Safety Procedures

Zambia may be a beautiful country to visit, the government of Zambia insists on the following safety procedures to ensure one has a safe and memorable trip to Zambia. Although a VISA for Zambia from Ireland is not necessary for a short trip, there are safety procedures that Irish citizens are requested to follow. These procedures are as follows:-

  • Irish citizens are advised to stay away from any political rallies on the streets and roads.
  • Any large gatherings or demonstrations, if happening, Irish citizens are advised to not attend them.
  • Following or monitoring the local media will allow one to stay informed and safe.
  • Before traveling to Zambia, one must ensure to gather as much local information as possible to ensure a safe and fun trip.

Irish citizens are encouraged to keep in touch with tier tour guides, or local contacts at all times to help themselves in case of any problems. One must keep in mind that an exemption from VISA does not mean exemption from rules and procedures. Especially if it means the safety of a person is in jeopardy.

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COVID-19 procedures

Since the onset of the COVID 19, travel to new countries has come with medical precautions. The same goes for Zambia, despite Irish citizens not needing VISA for a 30-day trip. The procedures are as follows:-

  • All passengers are requested to show a certificate stating that they are COVID -19 negative at the time of arrival at Zambia.
  • The COVID - 19 test must be taken at least 72 hours before departure from Ireland.
  • All passengers will be subjected to a temperature check before and after arrival at Zambia.

Citizens of Ireland, although exempted from Visa for a short while, do need to apply for VISA if the business trip is for thirty days or tourism stay is for ninety days.

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