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Business Visa is a permit or a type of visa that one can apply for if he wants to visit the nation for a long time for the business-related purpose. In this article, we have jotted down information about Zambia business visas that you should know about if you are planning to do business in Zambia.

The required details about the people of various countries who wish to apply for a Zambia business visa can be found on this page. The following are the conditions for Zambia's business visas, primarily including visa documents and criteria for eligibility.

At the time of submission, Zambia Business Visa documentation general guidelines to be followed are listed on the website. You should contact Tourist Visa Online Executives for more visa consultation.

Documents Required for Zambia Business Visa

The documentation needed for availing of the Zambia Business Visa are:


A passport is a document needed while traveling internationally. The government of the country shall check the candidate's identity and nationality.

The passport submitted shall comply with the following criteria.

  • Six months before the term of stay shall be applicable. It must be authentic and original.
  • The visa stamp must contain at least two blank pages.
  • It should not in any way be broken, torn, split, or hurt.

Without a passport, it is impossible to cross international borders. Otherwise, it is considered a crime.

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Applicants Photograph

You may identify the authority on the basis of the same picture.

The images must be provided in accordance with the photo data.

  • The whole white background must be clicked.
  • A copy of the photographic instructions must be submitted.
  • The scale of the body must be 35x45 mm (length - 45mm, breadth - 35mm).
  • It needs to be dull.
  • Eighty percent of the frame must be shielded. It needs to be a photograph taken recently.
  • The gestures on the face should be neutral, and the photograph should not smile at all.
  • In the photograph, no glasses of any kind can be worn. The hair needs to be tied back in order to make the face noticeable. The ears ought to be clearly visible.
  • Headgear must not be worn except for religious purposes.
  • It is essential to be careful not to show your teeth in the picture.

Recent images are obligatory because old photos will lead to authorities denying your appeal.

Air Ticket

An air ticket is a ticket or passes held by the passenger who travels from one place to another on a flight.

It is a valuable document and for that purpose should be submitted

  • For the trip, the flight tickets must be checked.
  • For the entire round trip, it has to be confirmed.

An air ticket indicates your journey and confirms your return to the country of origin.

Yellow Fever Certificate

A medical certificate proving to be non-infectious to an applicant is a yellow fever vaccine.

The following should be submitted:

  • It must be initial and be issued by a medical authority.

Unless the requirement and falsehood is given, there is a significant risk that the applicant will not be authorized in the country. Application certificate Yellow Fever Vaccination

Letter From the Company

In the name of the employee, a covering letter is given when they are traveling for business on behalf of the organization to another country.

The cover letter issued by the company should, under the following conditions, be suitable

  • The traveler's stay in the country must also be given information.
  • It must contain both the details of the traveler and the business and be published along with the official signature and seal on the letterhead of the firm.

The first document seen by the consular is the covering letter. If the cover letter is unsuitable, it may also lead to a refusal of your visa. It is recommended to consult professional visas.

Business Registration Certificate 

Business registration certificate is a document that is obvious to your established business and is legally approved by the authorities concerned.

The business registration certificate is a mandatory business document that should comply with the specific requirements

  • As evidence of the company's registration, it must be presented.
  • The proof that the corporation is lawful and legally licensed with the government must be submitted.

If the business registration certificate is not genuine, it may cause problems with the approval of the business visa. It is recommended to consult professional visas.

Zambia Business Visa Eligibility

You will have to fulfill the following eligibility requirements if you want to be able to fly to the country on a visa.

  1. You must be a genuine traveler: after travelling to the country, you need a good and proper purpose.
  2. Eligible to support all costs: You must have enough funds to support you and all your workers during your stay.
  3. Reasons for return: In your homeland, you must have good links that guarantee that you are back after your stay.
  4. Possess a good character: You have to have a clean record and a good-looking criminal record. PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) may be required to be provided for the same purpose.
  5. Good health: At least you have to follow the authorities' minimum health standards.
  6. Original purpose: You should be invited by a legitimate company in the country you are/will do business with.

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Final Words

These are the details you must know about Zambia Business Visa. You can apply for the visa at Tourist Visa Online with a hassle-free process. 

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