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Foreign nationals traveling to Zambia for any reason are restricted to apply for a Zambia visa first to enter the country. Only the recognized visa-free countries by Zambia are not restricted to apply for Zambia visa and can enter the country easily without Visa. H1 B visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows and permits outside nationals to work in the organizations or associations in the country for particular positions or occupations. The course of H1 B visa stamping incorporates a few stages and the candidates should qualify the prerequisite required for an H1 B visa. 

If you are planning to work or expand your business in Zambia. Then you should know about the business visa and work permits provided by Zambia.


Zambia Business Visa

The business visa for Zambia allows foreign nationals and businesses from other countries allow them to enter the country for business or work. Zambia Business Visa is a non-immigrant type of visa and short-term visa. The Zambia business visa will permit the visitors to stay in the country for 30 days. It will permit the business visa holders to enter Zambia only one time.

The business visa for Zambia can be obtained online on the official government website of the country. Or it can also be obtained from the embassy of Zambia.

Documents needed for Zambia business visa:

  • A valid passport of the foreign national
  • A passport size photograph of the foreign national intended to travel Zambia for business work.
  • A travel guide and details of the journey. The stay and purpose of visit to Zambia.
  • Hotel bookings or accommodation information in detail.
  • Email ID, if you are applying for a Zambia  business visa
  • Letter of invitation or cover letter from the relevant organization. It will we needed to provide a piece of evidence.
  • Air flight tickets to and from Zambia.
  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate will be needed to enter Zambia with a business visa.
  • Business registration from the company or organization the foreign national is visiting.


Zambia temporary employment permit

If you want to stay for a longer period in Zambia due to business-related work then applicants are suggested to apply for a temporary employment permit for Zambia. This is obtained by foreign nationals who want to stay in Zambia for more than 30 days. The temporary employment permit or the type of Zambia business visa has a validity of six months.  

Documents needed for Zambia temporary employment permit

  • The national passport and passport size photograph of the applicant
  • Filled application form for a temporary employment permit
  • The police clearance certificate of the applicant
  • The copies of the qualifications and academic documents
  • Applicants must have the cover letter from the relevant organization or institution 
  • The fee for Zambia temporary employment permit

The applicants can first obtain their non-immigrant Zambia business visa and apply for a temporary work permit after some time. They can apply for a permit from the Zambia embassy. Or applicants can also apply for Zambia temporary work permit from their own country by visiting the Zambian embassy or consulate.

Zambia Employment Permit or long term permit

This type of visa to Zambia is obtained by foreign nationals who are intended to stay in-country for more than 6 months duration. The long-term permit for Zambia can be extended up to 10 years. But, applicants should renew their long-term permit in time to avoid fines. It is usually obtained by employers or foreign nationals working in Zambia. It allows multiple entries in Zambia but after your permit period is over. You will not be allowed to enter the country until you go through all the processes again. 


Documents required for Zambia employment permit

There are some additional documents with the ordinary requirements to obtain a Zambia employment work permit:

  • A cover letter from the company, organization, or institution the applicant will be working for.
  • Offer letter or contract letter
  • Police clearance certificate
  • CV or resume 
  • Certificate of registration
  • Academic and professional documents
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of share capital
  • Certificate of incorporation

The procedure to apply for the employee work permit is almost the same, you have to visit the embassy to collect an application form. Fill the application form and attach copies of the documents. Then, after submitting wait for the approval to enter the country.


Business Visa for Zambia is only required if you are traveling to the country for business-related work. If you are visiting the country for tourism then you can apply for Zambia e-visa on Tourist Visa Online.

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The fee for a Zambia business visa is US$ 50. It may depend on the authority of your applying for a visa from the embassy.

The processing time of an ordinary  Zambia business visa is 3 to 5 days.

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