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With its scenic landscapes and welcoming atmosphere, Zambia is emerging as one of the premier travel destinations in southern Africa. Besides being considered one of the safest countries on the continent, it also offers some of the most wilderness and unspoiled lands in Africa.

  • Why is Zambia a perfect tourist spot?
  • Places to visit in Zambia

Why is Zambia a perfect tourist spot?

Due to Zambia’s remoteness, this area offers safaris with an abundance of wildlife, without all the crowding found in other places. It is not possible to imagine a better way to experience Zambia's premier wildlife sanctuary than with your senses (sight, smell, taste, sound and touch). Walking safaris provide a heightened sense of awareness and an adrenaline rush, which is why you should be astounded when you run into a lion while on foot! In addition, Zambian safari guides have an exceptionally high standard of performance.

Places to visit in Zambia

Zambia offers a variety of travel opportunities to complete a vacation in Africa, from beautiful activities like Kafue National Park to historic sites like Shiwa Ngandu. Some of its places to be visited for sure are: -

Victoria Falls! Obviously!

It is impossible to visit Zambia without visiting Victoria Falls. This breathtaking waterfall resides on the edge of Zambia and Zimbabwe along the Zambezi River and is the one of the seven natural wonders of the world so a visit is must! With a height of 355 feet and a width of over a mile, this is perhaps the most impressive structure in the world. A combination of its components makes it the largest sheet of falling water in the world, despite not being the tallest or widest waterfall. A 30-mile radius is visible when the mist rises from the falls. There are a variety of activities available at Victoria Falls, ranging from relaxing and fun activities such as white water rafting and bungee jumping to more adventurous and adrenaline-inducing ones. Located on the Zambia side of the waterfall, the nearest urban center is Livingstone.

South Luangwa National Park

Safari fans flock to South Luangwa National Park, one of the finest safari destinations in Zambia, as it houses among the highest concentrations of wildlife anywhere in Africa. The sloping terrain slopes down into the Luangwa River valley, which is home to hippos and crocodiles. There are also a lot of elephant, giraffe, and buffalo herds to be seen here. It's better to visit South Luangwa National Park during the dry season when the area's wildlife migrates to its banks. Additionally, you can watch predators like lions and leopards in action at this location!

Lusaka Markets

Colors, sounds, goods, and people are abundant in African markets. Several markets can be found in Lusaka, Zambia's capital city. Each market offers a completely different experience to fit individuals' preferences. The vendors at Arcades Shopping Centre have a variety of souvenirs to choose from for people looking to buy a souvenir. Lusaka City Market and Town Centre Market offer authentic market experiences with fruit, vegetables, meats, and consumer goods. As the market is swarming with locals going about their daily lives, the atmosphere is more intense, leading to less chance of tourist prices being inflated.


The banks of Lake Kariba attract both local and international tourists, earning Siavonga the title of "the Riviera of Zambia.". Various activities are available on the lake for people of all ages, such as building sandcastles on the beach, relaxing on a houseboat, and paddling along its shores in a canoe. As an important building in the country, the Dam Wall deserves some attention as well. Lake Kariba became the largest man-made lake in the world after the Kariba Dam Wall was completed in 1960. Zambia also gets the majority of its electricity from it. The best way to get a sense of its size is to walk along the hydroelectric dam. The Siavonga sunsets are just breathtaking!

Lusaka National Museum (LNM) and the Livingston Museum

There is an exhibit dedicated exclusively to witchcraft in the Livingston Museum and the Lusaka National Museum (LNM), both of which have a history of witchcraft in Zambia. This is quite interesting - albeit slightly sinister: among the cursed dolls and fiendish potions in the LNM are other curiosities, including a belt of snakeskin that allowed a sorcerer to sleep with their wives while they are asleep. Strangely fascinating.

Other than these you can also indulge yourself into various lively activities such as jumping off a bridge, canoeing in deep waters and many such. You can also enjoy the traditional festivals there which is also a major tourist attraction.

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