Zambia Travel Restrictions

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Changing the world was a bit much to ask a few years back but because of COVID-19, the world changed overnight and gave us a lot of restrictions to keep in mind. And truthfully, we had no choice but to accept each of them. Zambia is, no doubt, a beautiful country. If one is looking for a getaway from this chaotic world, it is the golden ticket. But before anyone starts dreaming about their dream vacation in Zambia, this article will help you get through some ‘Zambia Travel Restrictions’.

Now, there are so many adventure lovers, travellers, travel vloggers and bloggers who are passionate about visiting new places and sharing their experiences with the world. Because of them, many of us feel like we are on a ‘virtual’ vacation. But since the pandemic, travel restrictions took that comfort away from us. On the bright side though, everything is gradually coming back to normal which means the restrictions are easing up a bit too but we must remember and follow through with the restrictions applied by countries to keep ourselves and others safe.

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Restrictions when visiting Zambia:

  • For everyone over 5 years, a negative COVID PCR test is a must and it should be taken, at least, 72 hours before departure for Zambia.
  • A medical screening might be subjected to the passengers as well as the airline crew members upon their arrival.
  • If a passenger does not have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, he or she would be subjected to self-isolation for 14 days.
  • Bottom line, a negative COVID test will save you from half of the trouble while travelling to Zambia.
  • Lockdown is partially active in Zambia. Since going for a getaway means buying souvenirs for people back home, shopping is open. It is important to keep in mind that restaurants and bars are open as well but with restrictions, of course.
  • Upon arrival, the passenger is expected to present a ‘Traveller Health Questionnaire’.
  • All airports are open but international flights are limited due to the travel restrictions. Checking the availability in advance will help you book a flight to your convenience and also, will help you to get all the required tests done in due time.
  • Anyone entering Zambia with a body temperature equal to, or above 38.0 C will be tested for COVID-19 on arrival. Any other arrivals may be randomly selected for testing.
  • While you are visiting Zambia, you need to follow the restrictions and despite that, if you notice any symptoms, even mild ones, you need to get yourself checked.
  • If your body temperature is equal to, or above 38.0, and you have other symptoms of COVID-19, you will be, of course, tested and taken to a government facility for treatment and quarantine until your test results are known.

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Restrictions when you are in Zambia:

Once you survive through the long process of entering the country, you can finally set back a bit and relax. There are, like mentioned above, a few mild restrictions and a partial lockdown but it won’t be difficult for you to follow through considering the majority of countries are still on the same page as Zambia regarding the restrictions. Here are a few restrictions you will be required to follow when you are a traveller in Zambia.

  • Wearing a mask is a must in all public places.
  • Zambia has one of the most beautiful places of worship but due to the lockdown, they are to conduct a maximum of two services or meetings per week where every service would be for about 1 hour or so.
  • Let’s be honest here. When you are on a vacation, relaxing is one thing but going out with your friends in bars, casinos, nightclubs are wholly other. Even though these places are closed in Zambia from Monday to Thursday, the government has allowed them to be open from Friday to Sunday, from 6 PM to 10 PM. Of course, this seems too early to end the night but honestly, something is better than nothing, right?
  • Eating places i.e. restaurants are allowed to only offer takeaway food.
  • Only a crowd of 50 people is allowed in social gatherings like weddings, funerals, kitchen parties, Chilangamulilo, Matebeto, etc.

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If you are a fan of nature and want to take it up a notch, Zambia would be a preferably good start and it will not let you down. 30% of Zambia is dedicated to its wildlife. There are 0 national parks and 34 game management areas in the country. Zambia is most famous for its waterfalls and yes, Victoria Falls is the one that attracts the tourists, many other spectacular waterfalls make Zambia a beautiful country one must visit at least once in a lifetime. Zambia travel restrictions are not very complicated and that is grabbing lots of attention from the travellers.

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