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Zambia, a country in Africa many tourists from all over the world travel to the country. The visa rules of Zambia say that every tourist entering the country should acquire a visa. Which should be valid while traveling in the country. The registration of visa forms online is the new policy that is started almost by every nation. Zambia also offers the tourist the freedom to apply for a Zambia visa online. Tourists can also check the visa application status of Zambia

The visa obtained online for Zambia is an electronic document that acts as a pass to enter the country. Countries around the world who are eligible to apply for a Zambia tourist visa online can apply for a visa without a need to go to Embassy.  The Zambia tourist visa online can allow multiple entries, double-entry or single entry into the country. It will depend on the tourist to select or choose what kind of visa they want to travel to Zambia. 


Step to apply for Zambia tourist visa online

  • Applicants can apply for a Zambia tourist visa online on the site "Tourist Visa Online"
  • Fill the application form for a Zambia tourist visa. Applicants should fix the digital images and scan images of the documents.
  • Submit the visa fee according to the visa type you selected for Zambia.
  • Monitoring and tracking the status of the Zambia tourist visa application form.
  • Receiving a Zambia tourist visa online from your Email ID.

Checking the status of Zambia tourist visa application

The applicants may be eager and want to know when their visa to Zambia will be approved. And if the visa to Zambia is rejected then how will they know? To solve this issue applicants are suggested to check the visa application status from time to time. The tourist is applicable to monitor the visa application status for Zambia while the processing time. The Zambia visa processing time for tourists is 4 to 5 days. The applicants must pay the visa processing fee for Zambia tourist electronic visa which is 26.0 USD.


How to check the visa application status for Zambia?

As you are applying for a tourist visa to Zambia online. Then, you can also check the Zambia visa application status online without visiting the embassy or immigration department office. You can check the visa application status for Zambia on the Tourist Visa Online website in a few minutes.

To check the application status of your Zambia visa you must complete the necessary procedures and submit the application form online. While checking the application visa status from the tourist visa online site. Applicants will be asked to share their application IDs. The Zambia visa application ID is provided to the applicants in the acknowledgment message section. You will receive your Application ID number only after filling and completing the visa application process. After receiving the Application ID for the Zambia visa application, applicants will have to follow just three steps:

  • Step 1- Applicant will have to click on the "Track my status" button on the homepage of Tourist Visa Online.
  • Step 2-  Type the "Visa application ID number" sent through your mail or message. 
  • Step 3- Click on "Track Visa Status" to check the visa application status for Zambia.

Zambia visa validity and tourist visa application fee

The visa fee for a Zambia tourist visa or Zambia electronic visa will depend on the visa type you apply for:

A 30 days visa with a single entry will cost tourists 76 USD. The validity of the visa will be 90 days on a single entry visa. And the tourist can stay in Zambia for 30 days. 

A 30-day double entry Zambia tourist visa will cost you 106 USD. The validity of the double-entry visa to Zambia will be 90 days and stay validity will be 30 days.

A 30-day multiple-entry Zambia tourist visa will cost you 177 USD. The validity of the multiple entry visa for Zambia will be the same 90 days.

A one-day single entry visa for Zambia will cost you just 45 USD. The stay validity will be one day respectively. 



Applicants who are willing to know what is the status and when they will receive a Zambia tourist visa. Tourists can check the visa application status completely online within 10 to 15 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the validity of a tourist visa for Zambia is 90 days and the stay validity is about 30 days. It may vary if you apply for different visa types.

The documents which tourists must have to apply for a Zambian electronic visa are passport, photo, Email ID, and debit or credit card.

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