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The Zambian visa for Bangladesh is is available for Bangladeshi passport holders. Applicants can get visas on arrival at Lusaka Airport, the Livingstone Airport and the Victoria Falls Airport. However, there is no mention that they are valid for six months. Zambia is not part of the Schengen zone, this means there are no formalities other than an entry stamp at the border. The visa costs 30 Euros and it needs to be paid in Dinars (ZMK). All other formalities like getting a yellow fever certificate or applying for a visa in advance are not necessary. The Zambia government has made it mandatory for Bangladeshi nationals seeking to enter the country to apply for visas in advance. The Zambia embassy in Bangladesh will be the only way to acquire a visa in the country. There are many visa options for Bangladeshi people to visit Zambia. One of the most popular visas is the tourist visa. Check out the article and get to know more about Zambia visas for Bangladesh. 



  • Tourist Visa: A tourist visa is valid for 30 days and can be obtained online, but it must be picked up in person at the Zambian embassy.
  • Tourist Visa Extension: If you need to extend your visa, you can apply for an extension through your nearest Zambian embassy or consulate overseas.
  • Zambia provides an electronic visa (e-Visa) that may be acquired by filling out a brief application form online. This is seen to be the most straightforward method of obtaining permission to visit the African country.
  • Most tourists will require a short-term Zambia tourist visa, however, longer-term visas are available for international nationals.
  • Zambian visas are available in single-entry, double-entry, and multiple-entry formats.
  • Zambia allows travellers from specified countries to apply for a visa on arrival. This entails joining a line at border control and completing the application on the spot. This, however, might entail wasting a lot of time at the airport or at the border post before being allowed to enter the nation.
  • A Zambia e-Visa can be obtained for both tourist and business purposes.
  • The Zambia e-Visa Consent Form is good for 3 months after it is issued. The holder would have to reapply if they do not utilise it to visit the nation inside this time frame.
  • The e-Visa allows for brief visits in Zambia, allowing the bearer to stay in the nation for 90 days.
  • Foreign citizens just fill out an online survey as well as provide digital copies of relevant papers, including a passport that is present for at least six months beyond the date of application.



In order to get your Zambia visa, you need to meet certain requirements. You should be of 18 years or more, have a passport from Bangladesh, provide necessary documents and be able to show that you’re able to support yourself during your stay in Zambia.

The visa requirements for Bangladesh are quite simple. The Bangladeshi passport holders are eligible for a Zambian visa which is valid for up to 30 days at a time. The consulate may request that applicants submit certain documents but the process is fairly straightforward.

The visa requirements are not difficult but there are some eligibility conditions that Bangladeshi nationals need to meet in order to be eligible for a Zambian visa. These requirements include having a clean background, being physically and mentally healthy, and being able to support themselves financially while staying in the country.

The Zambian government has made it easier for the citizens of Bangladesh to apply for visas. The new visa requirements are now available online. Some importan requirements beyond the other are. 

  •  Invitation Letter: A letter from the Zambian hosting / inviting company addressed to - The Directorate General of Immigration, Zambia, on its letterhead, explaining the reason of visit and period of residence, and officially signed with the signatory's name and designation. Indications of Occupation:
  •  Forwarding-Letter: Copy of Financial Statements (Salary)/Personal Bank Account for the last 6 months, stating clearly the Bank's name, Telephone Number, and approved bank seal and signature (e-statement is not acceptable)
  • The Yellow Fever Certification is required.
  • Copy of office ID card/card Visitor's

Applicants, who are 18 years or older, can visit the Zambia Immigration Services website and fill out the online visa application.


Zambia is one of the most attractive destinations in Africa. Zambia is not only home to the spectacular Victoria Falls, but also some of the biggest game reserves. If you're planning a visit to Zambia, one of the most crucial things to know is whether you'll require a visa. You need not require a visa if you want to remain in Zambia for fewer than 30 days and are visiting for tourist activities. But, if you want to remain longer or work in Zambia, you will need to apply again for proper visas.



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