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 Turkey citizens can get Visa on arrival to enter Zambia . Visa on arrival means getting visa at the  destination or at the borders of the foreign country. For Turkish people there are certain actions and procedures they have to follow to obtain Visa on arrival . The maximum time of stay in Zambia will be 3 months ( 90 Days)  . Visa on arrival can be acquired at certain airports and at some border points too.  Turkey people on arrival often recieve kaza visa .

Kaza visa also allow you to enter the boundaries of Zimbabwe. You can enter more than one time in both the countries. The cost of the kaza visa is 50 USD . With kaza visa you can stay upto 30 days.

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Important Documents Required for Visa On Arrival


Most important document required for Visa on arrival is Passport. The passport of turkey and all the details Of the passport should be correct  . There passport must have two empty and blank pages which should not habe any stamps and markings. The validity of the passport has to be 6 months on the date visitor enter in Zambia. .

*Important information - Visitors who don't have return tickets might not be allowed to enter .


Filled Application form with the proper  signatures of the applicant.

If you are arriving at the airport on national holiday , weekend  oe between 6 to 8 in morning then you have to pay little extra for Visa.

Visa fee will be according to the date , time of arrival and nationality of the person.


Two passport size colored photograph with light background.

If traveler does not have photograph they have to pay extra money for scanning the picture form their passport .

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Cash for the payment of Visa fee. Enough funds to stay at Zambia and return back to your country.


Information about your travel plans . It is recommended by the embassy to not to buy hotel tickets utill the approval of your Visa.

If you are planning to apply for visa on airport or reaching after destination than it may cause trouble sometimes. You may forgot some of the important documents required for the application. It is possible that you may not get approval and it will waste your time and money. The process is time consuming too.


  • The traveller should have all the necessary documents .
  • After arrival you should move towards the window "On Arrival".
  • You have to submit the application form and two passport size photographs at the "On Arrival" Window.
  • You have to pay the Visa fee.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the immigrant officials.

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E - Visa

You can also apply for e Visa for avoiding such complicated application process . You have to give passport and personal details. You will recieve the e Visa through e-mail. An alternative way to obtain Visa.


  • Account Registration - Applicant has to register user account on the government website.  Applicant has to fill the details and submit the registration form.
  • Log In - Applicant has to log in to their user account on the website. Click ok my workplace on your profile . An e Service option will be visible on your screen. Then click on Apply for Visa button.
  • Application Form - Complete the application form. Upload photos and document in jpeg , tiff or png format.
  • .Payment - Click on the on-line payment button and site for secured payment will open. Fill all the information regarding money transfer and payment details. You will be directed to payment receipt page afterwards.
  • Receipt - Recieve you payment receipt. For your satisfaction, you can also print the receipt . Otherwise you will also receive your online payment transaction , conformation and details through your mail . After payment click on finish button.
  • Access / Approval or Rejection - Click on My workplace and open approve folder section. Your application is approved or rejected will be visible here. You can print you approve application form.

You can enter through any ports in Zambia through e-Visa . Carry your approved e Visa and bill with you while traveling to Zambia.

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 Few Information about Zambia

Zambia is famous for rough topography , Safari , wildlife , animals and natural places . Thousands of tourists visit Zambia every year .  Some of the beautiful places to visit in Zambia are Chaminuka Game Reserve , lower Zambezi National Park , Devils pool , Victoria Falls , Eastpark Mall , 37D Gallery , Kalimba National Park , etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are travelling to Zambia on business Visa then you can stay there for 30 days.

Yes , citizens of Turkish can obtain and apply for visa on arrival application.

Zambia ia a safe and beautiful country to travel.

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