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 Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Africa. This country shares its borders with the democratic republic of congo in the north, Tanzania in the northeast, Mozambique in the southeast, Botswana in the south, and Angola to the west

Zambia has mostly parks and safari treks. This is a great place to relax, there are many things to do in Zambia like Victoria falls (this is the largest waterfall), there are many national parks for sightseeing. There are so many spots for camping.

The currency used in Zambia is Zambian kwacha, Zambia has some great national parks that attract the tourist all around the globe. There are the most beautiful animal creatures present here. Victoria Falls is the most magnificent fall and the greatest fall on the globe.

Zambia has the most diverse culture there are 73 ethnic groups and there are many religious ceremonies around the year which is a great tourist attraction.

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Visa policy in Zambia  

Tourist planning to visit Zambia, you must obtain a visa from the Zambian diplomatic missions. But some countries are exempted by the government of Zambia they do not need Visa, and there are some countries from there you can have E-visa.

But you need to have a passport which should be valid for 6 months, otherwise you cant enter Zambia. The government of the Zambia and Zimbabwe has issued a “universal visa ” some countries have access to that.

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KAZA visa

The government of Zambia and Zimbabwe has introduced a universal visa, which is called KAZA (Kavango-Zambezi transfrontier conservation Area )on 28th November 2014. This visa is a tour package itself, you can get this visa if you are eligible on the arrival.

KAZA area is a conservational area. This visa was introduced with the sole purpose of bringing more tourists to the country. This visa initiative was done with the partnership of the world bank so that the tourist don’t face any difficulty in moving between two pilots countries.

The KAZA visa cost 45.90 swiss francs, this visa helps the tourist to visit two countries without any hassle. They can visit both of these countries multiple times as long as they are in Zambia or Zimbabwe.

KAZA allows the tourist to visit for 30 days in any given period in one year. This visa also covers day trips to Botswana and border trips to Kazungula. This visa is so beneficial for the countries.

Now in the second phase Namibia, Angola, and Botswana are coming into the project of universal Visa, then the tourist can visit all these pilot countries without any hassle. They can also visit these countries multiple times as long as they are within the borders of these countries.

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Visa requirements for French citizens.  

Zambia visa is available for French citizens on arrival and the maximum stay is 3 months. The French people can also go for the KAZA visa, which is a much better choice for them, it will cost them 45.90 Swiss Franc. They will get the chance to see both the countries and they can travel hassle-free between both the countries.

There are some travel restrictions due to COVID-19. The visitors from France need to carry a negative report and there is must quarantine period even after the negative report of the COVID-19. The negative test of the COVID should be done 72 hours before arrival.

Their health will be monitored for 14 days in the mandatory quarantine period. That is a must for travelers from anywhere around the globe.

The exchange rate is 1 Zambian Kwacha = 0.51 swiss franc. There are some documents that a French citizen is required to have before entering Zambia:-


The passport should be original or must be a travel document from France. That should have at least 6 months of validity on the date of travel and there must be 2 visa pages in your Visa that should be free from any markings.

Travel itinerary 

A travel itinerary is a proof of where you will stay during your stay in Zambia. This information is also required to visit Zambia and the stay you have booked should be in your name.

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But the embassy does not recommend booking your hotels before getting the Visa. Before buying any tickets and hotels you must confirm your Visa, you can get the best hotels at the best price within minutes.

Proof of funds

The government of Zambia requires that you have enough money to stay in the country and leave the country.

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 French citizens can get Visa on arrival in the country or they can go for KAZA.

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