Zambian Passport Requirements

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As Zambia did not require an applicant to have a Zambian Passport before applying for citizenship, Getting a Zambian Passport was relatively easier than in other countries.

This blog will discuss the Zambian Passport Requirements.

What is a Zambian Passport?

An American, Australian, Canadian, or UK Passport is a state-issued document that is valid for travel purposes. Zambian passports are a document with a sticker. It is valid for 5 years and up to 10 years after that. According to NANGO, If a person gets a unique code from the Immigration and Emigration Department in Ndola, Zambia, then this code can be used to obtain a passport in that country.

 If you want a United Kingdom Passport and you do not have a unique code yet, you must get your unique code and the passport before you can acquire a UK Passport. What is a Permit? A Permit is issued to legal immigrants, refugees, and visitors for any purpose. When will I get a Permit? Permits are issued to citizens at the Immigration and Emigration Department in Lusaka.

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Who can apply for a Zambian Passport?

It is a question that may be dividing opinions amongst some Zambians. Whether you can apply for a Zambian Passport depends on the reason you are coming to Zambia. To apply for a Passport for ex-pats, you must have your old Zambian passport (or any current one), all your relevant traveling documents, and proof of no criminal record. You must also have proof of income, as well as proof of where you are going and where you are from and have the $300 per person in your possession.

To apply for a Passport for residents, you must be at least 18 years old and have your national identity card with you. You must also provide the following proof of identity and residence (Zambian address, passport, birth certificate, National Identification Card (CNIC), passport, or a copy thereof).

Why should you get a Zambian Passport?

In cases of marriage, divorce, and for an Irish citizen to acquire a second passport, Zambia is the easiest and quickest choice to have a new passport because there is no application or fee. You can also have a Zambian Passport to – Protect your business interests abroad – Access the more than 500 approved export products that Zambia has on export – Head for the 35 approved Tourism Resorts around the Country – Head for the 36 approved resorts around the country So Why get a Zambian Passport?

The government of Zambian mandates that citizens hold a valid national passport. A valid passport issued by his country of residence is required of all persons entering Zambia. 

If you are without a passport, the Zambian Embassy can issue you one. If you are requesting a passport, you need to bring two passport photos, proof of your name, proof of your residential address, proof of your signature, proof of your Zambian identification number, proof of your country of residence, proof of your permanent residence in Zambia, proof of your marital status, proof of your occupation, proof of your father's occupation, proof of your Social Security number, proof of your mother's maiden name, proof of your blood type, proof of your doctor's name, proof of your doctor's address.

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How to get a Zambian Passport?

If you are currently a Permanent Resident of Zambia and if you are over the age of 18 years, then you can apply for a Zambian Passport by registering with the Zambian High Commission. You will need your address in Zambia along with a two thousand Kwacha (K2,000) fee.

You also need your Permanent Resident Identity Document (PRID) which can be a Passport, Personal Identity Document (PID), National Identity Card, and a permit (issue only) from any one of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) offices in Zambia. You will be required to complete the application form and submit it to the High Commission within one month of the date of application.

Alternatively, you can apply by post. The cost of the application form is K4,000.


Zambian passport requirements are a bit different from the passport requirements of other countries. First of all, you can apply for a Zambian passport if you are a citizen of Zambia.

In addition, Zambian passport requirements include that you must be a resident of Zambia. To apply for a Zambian passport, you must have a valid Zambian birth certificate, a residency permit from Zambia, and a Zambian national identity card.

There is an online Zambian Passport online which is good to help you check the Passport of other applicants. However, it is always best to visit a country's embassy in your area to check your Passport.

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Unless you can, a standby business always offers this service at a charge. We hope that you have liked to learn more about the Zambian passport requirements.

We hope you enjoyed reading more about the requirements for a Zambian passport. If you would like to learn more about Zambian passport requirements, or if you would like to get a Zambian passport if you meet the requirements, please contact us at our website. We can help you with your passport needs. Thank you for visiting our blog.

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