zimbabwe tourist visa requirements and online application form

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Have you ever fantasized to visit Zimbabwe? If yes then you're looking for a website that can provide you a visa with full proof security. So here your hunt ends with us. As we provide the best Zimbabwe tourist visa with complete security of your personal information. If you have not planned yet to visit Zimbabwe then we are going to tell you some amazing things about Zimbabwe that will make you excited to explore Zimbabwe. Are you ready to know some amazing facts? So hold your mind because this is damn cool.


Zimbabwe has always given great hospitality to its tourists despite several issues. Well that's a great sign. Can you just fantasize about large beautiful waterfalls with the lush mountains around and some breathtaking landscapes? If you are an animal lover you will definitely get a chance to spot your favorite animal national parks in Zimbabwe. The world's best place in Zimbabwe is Victoria Falls that you should visit once a lifetime because this experience will be your best memory of adventure for sure. 

Tourist visa for Zimbabwe 

Well in the old days it was very difficult in a long process to get a visa for Zimbabwe for traveling but now it's not any more difficult. You can easily get a tourist visa for Zimbabwe just in a few simple steps and you don't have to put in more effort as well.

If you are not enlightened with the fact of e-visa then have to know about Zimbabwe tourist visas online. These days it's a matter of a few seconds to apply for a tourist visa. So no need to leave your work and visit the Embassy again and again to accomplish those papers works. It's true that everyone is fed up with those paper works, so you need to switch yourself to the online e-visa facility that is being provided by us to make your task easier. 

Types of tourist visa

There are two types of tourist visas for Zimbabwe. You can choose one as per your convenience. We have also given a Zimbabwe tourist visa cost for you.

Single entry tourist visa:

With a single entry tourist visa you can stay in Zimbabwe up to 90 days. Zimbabwe single entry tourist visa is valid for 90 days. when you have a single entry Visa please make sure that you do not leave a country until you have finalized your trip because with a single entry visa you can only enter a country once.

Processing time:

The processing time of a single entry tourist visa of Zimbabwe is 3-5 days. 

Visa fees:

There are two types of fees for a Zimbabwe single entry tourist visa.


Government fees

55 USD

service fees

26 USD 

Double-entry tourist visa:

Double-entry tourist visa of Zimbabwe allows you to stay in the country for 90 days but this visa facilitates you to leave the country and come back again which means you can enter Zimbabwe twice with this kind of visa in the 90 days. The validity of the Zimbabwe double-entry tourist visa is 90 days. 

Processing time:

The processing time of a double-entry tourist visa for Zimbabwe is 3 to 5 days.

Visa fees:

For double-entry tourist visa the two types of fees

Government fees

70 USD

Service fees 

26 USD

Frequently asked questions

Q. How long does it take to get a tourist visa for Zimbabwe online?

A. You will get a tourist visa for Zimbabwe in 10-15 business days if you select a standard processing time. 

Q. How can I get a tourist visa for Zimbabwe in the least possible days? 

A. To get a tourist visa for Zimbabwe in the least possible ways you can apply for the rush processing of tourist visa but the cost of rush processing is more than the standard processing. When you apply for a rush processing tourist visa you will get your visa in a period of 2 to 3 days.

Q. Can I visit Zimbabwe with a family of 4 on one tourist visa?

A. No you cannot visit Zimbabwe with the family of 4 on one tourist visa because for each individual you require a separate tourist visa as per the policy of Zimbabwe. So whenever you are traveling to Zimbabwe with your family, make sure that you have a valid visa for each member to avoid any inconvenience.

Q. How can I know that I am eligible for a Zimbabwe tourist visa?

A. To know whether you are eligible to apply for a Zimbabwe tourist visa you can have a porous study of Zimbabwe visa policy where you will find the list of the countries in the category A, B, in C. You will come to know whether you are eligible to enter Zimbabwe on a tourist visa or not. You will also come to know that when visiting Zimbabwe you have to get an e-visa or you have to get a visa on arrival.



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