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Fortunately there is good news for Indian citizens that we can travel to Zimbabwe After getting an e visa. Now it's not any more difficult to get a Zimbabwe visa for Indian citizens. You should be happy if you are a citizen of India because the citizens of all the countries do not get this great opportunity to visit Zimbabwe, one of the amazing places in the world. 

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If you are an Indian citizen and have been drafting to travel Zimbabwe but were delaying your plans to travel just because of those lengthy visa processes of getting a visa from the Embassy. If you have ever applied for the visa you may be aware of the fact that the process of getting a visa is very complicated as you have to go Embassy again and again for interviews and paper works that consume much of your time. 

Well we are aware of the importance of time, so while not consuming much of your time we suggest you apply for a Zimbabwe e-visa for Indian citizens. As per the Zimbabwe visa policy Indian citizens fall in category B and C According to which they can apply for Zimbabwe electronic visa.


Frequently asked questions 

Q. Is the Zimbabwe visa required for Indian citizens?

A. Yes, Zimbabwe is visa is required for Indian citizens but you would preferably go for E visa

Q. How can I get a Zimbabwe visa in India?

A. Being in India you can apply for a Zimbabwe visa in two ways:

  • You can apply for e-visa at www.touristvisaonline.com  which is a more comfortable and easier way.

  • Another way is you can go to the nearest visa processing center to process your Zimbabwe visa. Going to the Embassy and applying for your visa will be a typical process so you should go for e-visa.


Q. How much does a Zimbabwe visa cost in India?

The cost of a Zimbabwe visa in India depends upon the visa you have been choosing. Whenever you are selecting a visa you should have a look at the cost of it but tourist

A tourist visa online provides an e-visa for Zimbabwe at the most reasonable price.

  • If you are applying for a Zimbabwe tourist visa then it will cost you 76 USD. 

  • If you are applying for a Zimbabwe business visa then it will cost you 96 USD.

Q. How can I apply for a Zimbabwe visa if it is required on an urgent basis?

A. If you are really in a Hurry and you want the visa on an urgent basis you can contact us at www.touristvisaonline.com and apply for an express visa for Zimbabwe which can be provided to you in 24 hours. We provide express visas all the days in a week except when the embassy is closed.

Q. How can I check whether my visa Zimbabwe is an original one?

A. Well we have given a few steps to check the authenticity of your Zimbabwe visa. So if you want to check whether your visa is an original one or not you can follow the below steps.

  •  Visit the official government website of Zimbabwe.

  •  Then you have to go to the general inquiry option.

  •  Now you have to input all your details regarding your visa.

Finally you will come to know whether your Zimbabwe visa is authentic or not. the details of your Zimbabwe visa will be displayed in a pattern of the expiry date. This is how you can come to know whether your Zimbabwe visa is original or not.

Q. Is it possible to apply for a Zimbabwe employment visa for the citizens of India?

A. Yes, it is possible that you can apply for a Zimbabwe employment visa being an Indian citizen but you think that you should be aware of when applying for a Zimbabwe employment visa.

You must be offered employment in Zimbabwe if you carry a valid passport. Whenever you are applying for a Zimbabwe employment visa you are required to submit official proof of the employment that is being offered to you. 

Q. Can I apply for the renewal of a Zimbabwe visa while being in Zimbabwe?

A. Yes you can apply for the renewal process of your Zimbabwe Visa being in Zimbabwe but the easiest way that we would suggest you is applying online from our website.



It is not that difficult to apply for a Zimbabwe visa from a tourist visa online. It is just a matter of a few documents that you have to fill accurately. So what are you waiting to start packing now and leave your work for a time visa fee for you to provide the best visa at the most reasonable cost and with full proof security and privacy? So apply for Zimbabwe visa for Indian citizens now.

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