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There are some separate laws that have been created for the refugees by the government of Zimbabwe to Empower them to enter the country. Refugees of the different nations are required to fill a form named as ZR 1 who are interested in visiting Zimbabwe for business purpose or tourism purpose. As per the Government there are certain regulations of 1985 acts on refugees according to which the form which has been filled by a Refugee will be submitted to the Zimbabwe Refugee committee and not to the embassy. 

The final decision on getting the Zimbabwe Refugee visa Is taken by the Commissioner of Refugee in Zimbabwe. Before you apply for the Zimbabwe visa you must know that it is a very complicated process to get a Refugee visa to Zimbabwe. The government of Zimbabwe does not issue Zimbabwe's visa to any normal refugee. Present time Refugee visa program in Zimbabwe is not in working.

There are circumstances when you can get e-visa to Zimbabwe But it completely depends on which country you have been living, which country you are living when traveling to Zimbabwe. The citizens of Libyan get a visa to Zimbabwe for working purposes. To know whether you are eligible to get a Zimbabwe visa or not you can have a look at the Zimbabwe visa policy.  

If you are a Refugee and planning to visit Zimbabwe then you should be aware of the following information. You can only enter Zimbabwe through the following ports.

  • Beitbridge 
  • Harare International Airport of Zimbabwe.
  • Chirundu
  • Plumtree
  • Kariba
  • NyamaPanda
  • Victoria falls
  • Forbes-Mutare
  • The Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International airport.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the importance of a Zimbabwe visa for the refugees to enter Zimbabwe?

A. It is very important for the refugee to get a Zimbabwe to enter because without Visa it is considered illegal. But before you get Zimbabwe e-visa you should check your eligibility criteria. 

Q. Which site a Refugee should choose to apply for Zimbabwe's E visa if he is eligible?

A. Like other citizens, refugees can also apply for Zimbabwe e-visa at www.touristvisaonline.com where the team takes the utmost care of your documents and personal information.

Q. Is it possible for a Refugee to get a visa without going to the Embassy?

A. Yes, if you are a Refugee and wish to get a visa while sitting at home you should apply for an E-Visa that is being provided by us at a reasonable cost. There is only one need to get a visa without going out. You have to check your phone and visit a website where you can interact with our team & submit all the requirements and get your visa as soon as possible.

Q. I am Refugees and I have an e-visa from Zimbabwe, for how much time I can stay in Zimbabwe with my e-visa?

A. If you are Refugee and holding an e visa for Zimbabwe you can stay in Zimbabwe after 90 days because your visa is valid for 90 days. 

Q. With the E-visa of Zimbabwe how many times can I enter and exit the country?

A. This completely depends upon the type of visa you have chosen for. If you are having a visa named as a single entry visa of Zimbabwe it means that you can enter and exit the country only once in the 90 days. but if you have opted for a double-entry visa that will allow you to exit the country twice up to 90 days. 

Q. What are the general requirements to get a Zimbabwe visa?

A. The general requirements of the Zimbabwe visa include:

  • A passport with the validity of 6 months.
  • Your latest photograph.
  • Medically fit
  • Financial stability proof
  • Return tickets
  • Copy of your passport which has your data


If you are Refugee maybe you can get a visit to Zimbabwe on the basis of the nation where you are living currently. We would recommend you to connect to our team once to check your eligibility criteria. If you are eligible to visit Zimbabwe our team will let you know with this good news. After which you can visit Zimbabwe and make your dreams come to reality. So don't wait to make your dreams turn into reality. we will be pleased to help you. To know more about the ZImbabwe visa for refugees, connect our team.

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