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If you know that it is a difficult task to get a visa in time when you apply for a Zimbabwe visa to the Embassy. Even if you want to travel for some urgent purpose it takes a lot of time to get your visa processed. Maybe you are thinking Zimbabwe visa processing time is less or more. 

But let us tell you that when you join your hands with a tourist visa online you can reduce the processing time of your visa as we provide Zimbabwe's visa through online services which can save a lot of your time. Your big question. How is it possible? Well we have the answer to your every question.

  1. Your processing time can be reduced as you don't have to visit the embassy through physical means.
  2. The time you would be investing in your packing our team would be working for you to get a visa. 
  3. You don't have to go to the Embassy to accomplish your paperwork. When you work with a tourist visa online to get your visa you can submit your documents online.

Well after all this the question you may be thinking is what if you want the visa on an urgent basis? Which option should you choose? 


With all the unanswered questions you may choose the wrong visa and waste your money over there. We don’t want you to spend your money in the wrong place. That's why we provide you the complete information regarding the processing time. 

Processing time for zimbabwe e-visa 

Before you apply for Zimbabwe e-visa you want to know about the different processing times So that you can choose the best visa suitable to your circumstances.

Standard processing visa

Standard processing visa generally means that you are applying for a normal Visa which will take about 10 to 15 working days for processing your visa. When you apply for a standard processing visa Don't have to pay money. This is the cheapest kind of visa among all. Many people around the globe apply for a standard processing Visa because of its low-cost. If you're planning to visit Zimbabwe next month and usually apply for Zimbabwe's Visa in advance so that you can save your money. 

Rush processing Visa

When you choose to select rush processing, this enables you to get a visa in 5 business days. Most probably you should select processing when you have to visit Zimbabwe for urgent purposes. However, a rush processing visa will cost you more than a standard processing visa. 

Super Rush visa 

If You are really in an emergency and feel a need to get a visa in one day You should definitely select a Super rush Visa because with this Visa you can visit Zimbabwe on the same day You have applied for a Zimbabwe Visa. In other words you will get a super rush Visa in one day. But to get this visa you have to pay a large amount. 

Frequently asked questions

Q. My brother lives in Zimbabwe and he has met with an accident. It is urgent for me to travel to Zimbabwe today. Which Visa should I apply for?

A. If you want to visit Zimbabwe on the same day when applying for a Visa you should choose a super rush Visa which enables you to get a Visa in a single day. Make sure that you have all the documents ready with you like your passport, latest photograph, address of the place we're going to stay in Zimbabwe & a method of online payment.

Q. I'm planning a holiday with my family to Zimbabwe after three weeks which would be the most suitable visa for me to apply?

A. If you have planned a holiday in Zimbabwe after 3 weeks should choose a Zimbabwe standard processing Visa. When you apply for a standard processing Visa you can get your visa up to 10 to 15 business days. It means that you will get your Visa in advance and after that, you can be relaxed and plan your trip. 

Q. I'm a businessman and I have a meeting in Zimbabwe next week which will be the most suitable Visa I should apply for?

A. If you have a meeting in Zimbabwe next week and get confused about which visa to choose? Then let us get this opportunity to help you in selecting the best suitable visa for you. You can choose Zimbabwe's Rush processing Visa. After selecting the Suiza on accomplishing all the procedures you will get your visa in 5 days so you can easily attend your meeting in Zimbabwe next week. 


To know which Visa is best suitable for you. You should have a look at the different types of visas and the processing time above. If you are not able to understand which visa you should select then you can ask us without any hesitation we would recommend you the best Visa suitable according to your condition. To know more about Zimbabwe E-Visa processing time connect to our team. 

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