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If you are planning to travel to Angola from New Zealand then your time has arrived! It is now time to apply for your Angola visa from New Zealand. But there has been a lot of questions getting clogged up in your mind. Well, then you know just right that Tourist Visa Online is here to help you get rid of all these questions in just some moments. It won’t even require a lot of time to solves these queries and for you to end your application just in time for your visit. Angola has always been offering a lot of tourism opportunities which is why there has been a lot of tourists every year wanting to travel to Angola without any decline! Now even you can travel, but before that let’s gather up some information so that you can also enjoy this wonderful journey!


Q. Why is it that a citizen of New Zealand has to take a visa to travel to Angola?

Angola has its own list of policies that have to be followed in order to get an entry into the country. According to this policy, it has been stated that every citizen of New Zealand must take a visa before the travel commences. This is why it is important to take a visa before travelling to Angola. Failing to take a visa will result in denial of entry. 

Q. Is it possible for a citizen of New Zealand to obtain an Angola visa after arriving at the airport?

Yes, a citizen from New Zealand can avail of the facility of visa on arrival, where you can get the visa applied for even after entering into the country. However, there are specific spots where you can avail of this visa from. No other ports will let you get the visa on arrival even if it is in the same country. 

Q. Which are the ports through which a visa on arrival facility can be availed?

The following ports can be accessed to get a visa on arrival:

  • Quatro de Fevereiro Airport (Luanda)
  • Lubango Airport
  • Massabi port (at the Republic of the Congo border)
  • Luau port (at the Democratic Republic of the Congo border)
  • Curoca port (at the Namibia border)

All of these ports will let you take a visa on arrival. 

Q. What is the list of requirements that a citizen of New Zealand must fulfil in order to obtain an Angola visa?

In order to obtain an Angola visa the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Must be a valid citizen of New Zealand
  • Must hold a valid passport that will state that you are a citizen of New Zealand
  • Must have all the required documents while applying for an Angola visa.
  • Must have a good internet connection in order to apply for an Angola through an online method. 
  • Must have a good reason to travel to Angola. 

Q. Is an international vaccination certificate necessary to travel to Angola?

Yes, all the visitors from New Zealand regardless of their age must take an international vaccination certificate to be able to get an Angola visa issued to them. 

Q. Is it possible for just kids to travel without a visa from New Zealand to Angola?

No, it will not be possible for even a kid to travel from New Zealand to Angola without a visa. The kid will also be required to take a visa to be eligible to travel to a foreign country. 

Q. If there are four members in my family out of which two of them are my kids should I show proof of funds for them as well, even if they do not have an account?

While showing proof of funds is necessary it is not quite possible to get a proof of funds for the kids as they might not have an account, however, you can just attach your account statement to your kids’ application form which will work fine. 

Q. Is the visa cost for an Angola visa too high if I apply for it from New Zealand?

If you are planning to Apply Angola Visa from tourist visa online then you can stay assured as this site will provide many options with a great value which means that no more worrying about the cost of the Angola visa while applying for one! 

Q. How many members from a family can apply for an Angola visa through a Tourist Visa Online?

You have no need to worry about the number of family members who will be applying for a visa from New Zealand. Any number of members would be fine!

That’s it you can now apply easily for your Angola visa from New Zealand without having to worry about the consequences! 

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