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If you are planning a trip to Austria from outside of Europe, then you will need to apply for a visa. In this article, we are going to discuss the Austria visa processing time so that applicants can plan their application on time.

The Republic of Austria is located in the Central region of Europe, completely landlocked and with an abundance of mountainous presence due to the Alps.

It is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe because of its famous architectural wonders in the form of castles, buildings and palaces. There are breath-taking landscapes from the top of its mountains, surrounded by small villages, cafes. Tourists love the cobblestones, the cakes and coffees which is made even more beautiful due to the clear skies and pollution free air.

If you want to get away from city life for a while, then Austria is the place to be.

Whether you plan to visit just Austria or go to some other European countries as well, tourist visa online has, travel experts to help you with everything. They can apply for your visas; arrange plane tickets and hotels along with booking tours. Alternatively, you can also visit an embassy to apply in person.

Continue reading the article further below to find out how long does it take to get Austrian visa.

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Austria Schengen Visa

One of the best things about visiting Europe is that a single visa lets you travel to a host of countries. It is known as the Schengen visa that has jurisdiction over a total of 26 countries.

Generally, it can take close to 15 days or more for the Schengen Austria tourist visa processing time. However, it is advisable that you should begin the application process at least three months before the trip since the time for processing can be extended to 30 or even 60 days.

You can also check out travel agencies like tourist visa online as they provide services to the applicants for every step of the application process.

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Types of visa

There are four major kinds of visas available depending on the reason for your visit. Find out more about the Austria visa processing time from the list given below:

  • Tourist/visitors

This is one of the easiest ways to get hassle free visas, with a processing time of just three or four business days.

If your trip is for pleasure, sightseeing or visiting friends them this visa will suit your purpose.

  • Student

If you have been accepted into any educational institute based in Austria and have the acceptance letter to prove it, only then will you be allowed to apply for this.

Students also need to score an interview at the embassy so it can take up to six weeks for the Austrian student visa processing time.

  • Business/Work

If you get a job in Austria or have been invited by any company based in the country then you will need a business visa as well as a work permit – which can be obtained at a local Austrian embassy.

The Austria work visa processing time can range from 15 days to more.

  • Immigration or Naturalization

Immigration due to work or by other means such as marriage may take longer than any other visas.

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Work Permits processing time

If you have been invited by a company for a short while then a business visa will suffice.

In case you are looking to secure employment after entering the country with a work certificate then you may have to wait about six to seven weeks for the Austria work permit visa processing time to get done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The timing of your application depends on several factors, for example an Austria tourist visa processing time will be 3-4 days but a student visa can take months due to the interviews etc. It is best to talk to your travel agent or consulate regarding the perfect application time.

A tourist visa, which allows entry just once for a period of 90 days, will cost an applicant $160.

Every country has a representative authority like a state department or a Consulate/Embassy that has the power to decide the Austria visa processing time.

Applicants can open the official tourist visa online website and find their visa processing status using the tracking services. You will have to enter the allotted acknowledgement number

An e visa is the fastest method of all, usually the Austrian e visa processing time is limited to 24 to 48 hours, in working days.

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