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Mexico attracts a large number of tourists, who come on a Mexico tourist visa every year. But, apart from tourism, the country also excels in business activities. It is the 14th largest economy in the world, which makes it famous among the business seekers as well. Also, according to some experts, by the year 2050, the country may even become the 8th largest economy in the world. It is also not necessary for a person to be a Mexican citizen in order to set up a business. Mexico business visa is all that a person needs to establish a business that would benefit him for the long run in the country. 


Not everyone needs to avail a visa for business purposes while visiting the country. The Mexico visa-free countries are exempt from this. This applies to the permanent residents and citizens of these countries:

  •         USA
  •         UK
  •         Canada
  •         The pacific alliance countries
  •         Schengen countries
  •         Japan

The individuals who possess any visa to the above-mentioned countries also do not require a visa beforehand. For that, the individual must meet the requirements and also leave the country once the visa has expired. The individual will have to provide an onward ticket and an FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple).


The Forma Migratoria Multiple is a permit similar to the visitor permit. You can find the forms for the same at the airport or from the airlines too. The visitors can also apply for that online by filling out the details, and then getting it stamped after reaching the country. The FMM gives permission to the applicant to stay in the country for 180 days. You should note that the FMM cannot be renewed or extended. Hence, if you want to stay for more than 180 days, you will have to leave and then again enter the country.

There is however, no limit on the time for which the individual stays outside the country. The FMM should be positively submitted to the immigration before leaving the country. You can find information related to the same on Mexico immigration website.

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People belonging to the visa free countries do not need to apply beforehand. But, there are several countries that need to apply for the visa beforehand. However, even the exempted country’s citizens would have to go through the same process if they intend to stay in the country for more than 180 days. They will then have to apply for a temporary resident visa which will allow them to stay in the country for four years. You can also avail this for Mexico work visa purposes.


You need to submit several documents to avail the business visa. The Mexico visa requirements are:


This is the most important document that is required while traveling abroad. The passport is issued by the government of your home country and proves your identity. The passport that you submit must not expire within six months from the date that you visit the country. It should also contain two blank pages, and should be in good condition. It must not be split, torn, or damaged.


The photographs are needed to be provided so that you get identified in front of the authorities. The photograph must be clicked against a white background. You need to submit at least two copies of the same. Your face must be clearly visible and should cover 80% of the frame. The photograph should be of the perfect dimension that is for the passport size. It should have a matte finish, with the expressions on your face neutral. You must not wear any kind of glasses while clicking the picture. Your ears must be clearly visible, and you should not wear any headgears, unless it is for any religious purpose.


A complete round air ticket is needed as a proof that you will return back to your home country after the validity of your visa gets over.


It is a document that acts as a witness of one’s wedding. It is needed to be submitted, if the applicant is traveling with his/her spouse.

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This document needs to be submitted positively, if someone is a dependent and traveling with their parents. The birth certificate must be original and should be kept in good condition. 


The cover letter is provided by the company if their employee is traveling abroad for work purposes. The letter must contain the position and responsibilities of the individual in the company. It must contain all the important dates and details. Additionally, it must contain the employee’s stay in the country details with the official seal and signature of the company. 


The bank statement is issued by the bank branch in your home country. It contains information related to the transactions to and from your account. In order to avail the visa, your bank account must have a healthy balance. The statement must be original and from a savings account. It should be provided for at least six months. It should also contain the original seal and signature of the bank. 


It is a documented record on the tax paid to the government. The ITR specified for the last three years must be presented to obtain the business visa. Documentary proof for the same is positively needed. 


The appointment letter is presented by a company to the employee who has recently been appointed. This document must be provided as a proof of employment in the mentioned company.

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It is needed by any person who intends to carry out business activities in the country. The document must be originally obtained from the chamber of commerce. 


The invitation letter is prepared when a company invites someone to work there, or even when the company is setting up a business meeting or conference and inviting people from abroad. The letter must be faxed directly to the embassy. It should be written in English as well as Spanish. All the details about the meeting or company must be mentioned in the letter. 


Q. I am a citizen of the US. Do I need to avail a visa for business purposes to Mexico?

No, you do not. A Mexico business visa for US citizens is not needed as the US enjoys the visa exemption facility.

Q. What is the Mexico tourist visa fee?

The tourist visa would cost you $25 and takes 5-7 days to get processed.

Q. Is Mexico safe to visit?

Yes, it is extremely safe to visit this country. Although, you need to follow some basic safety measures while you visit a foreign country because no country is totally safe. There are a few cases of crimes here, but, if you are aware of your surroundings, you are safe. 

Hence, if you are looking for the proper growth of your business, the Mexico business visa could be the perfect way to grow your work, and get rich.

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