Bangladesh visa for Italy nationals

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In this article, we are going to discuss about the Bangladeshi visa requirements for Italians.

Bangladesh is a small country in Asia, formerly part of the Indian sub-continent. It has a very vibrant culture much like that of Italy except that the population is Muslim dominated in most parts of the country.

There are a lot of places of spirituality that have quite a lot of Muslim and Sufi influences.

The visitors can get started on their visa applications through a reputed travel agency like tourist visa online or visit the local Bangladesh embassy in their city.

If you are visiting the country to explore as a tourist, you must begin with its famous river deltas which make for picturesque views. It has several uninterrupted beautiful beaches and swamplands, with a healthy population of the Bengal Tigers.

There are also some amazing tea plantations that are open to visitors to get a glimpse of their famous tea-making process. Visitors can go to waterfalls, National parks and other man made attractions like the shrines, mosques and the famous Mughal old town.

Continue reading the article below to find out, do Italian nationals require a visa to Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh has a list of 23 countries that can visit the nation as tourists without a visa; the list also contains Italy on it.

  • The maximum time for the stay is limited to one month. Visitors will have to submit a special application to the local embassy for any kind of extension at all.
  • You will have to go to the immigration office after getting off the flight to check on your arrival, without a visa.

In conclusion, you will only need to put in a Bangladesh visa application by Italians for a business/student visa etc.

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Visa requirements

If you are visiting as a regular tourist, here are the documents you will have to submit to the travel agency or the consulate for the Bangladesh visa application by Italians:

  • A passport that proves your status as an Italian citizen. It should be valid for the next six months after you enter Bangladesh.
  • It should also have two blank pages left, at the very least.
  • A bank statement from the past three months. Alternatively, the traveller will have to carry the required amount of cash.
  • Submit a complete itinerary of your travels, this includes the places you have booked for overnight stays as well as sights you will see, also mention any tours you might have booked with an agency.
  • Return flight tickets, although it is recommended not to book anything non-refundable until your Bangladesh visa for Italy nationals gets approved.

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Covid Regulations

Countries all over the globe have implemented strict measures to curb the widespread virus which has taken millions of lives all over the world. Positive patients will not be allowed into the country even if they meet all Bangladeshi visa requirements for Italians.

Bangladesh was also affected severely, which is why the international travel authorities have announced measures which must be followed by the visitors:

  • Vaccinated travellers do not have to undergo the mandatory quarantine.
  • Everyone has to present a negative Covid test, taken as recently as 48 hours.
  • 14 days quarantine is mandatory for the non-vaccinated travellers.
  • You can find out all the updates on covid related travel restrictions on international health pages as well as travel agency websites.

Apply Bangladesh Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 23 countries on the exemption list. The citizens of these nations can enter Bangladesh without the requirement of a visa. Visit your country’s immigration website to check do Italian nationals require a visa to Bangladesh.

You can avail the visa on arrival service on only certain international airports in the capital city of Dhaka.

One of the best things about getting a Bangladesh visa for Italians is that the cost of application remains the same $25 regardless of the kind of package the applicant chooses.

Online application of visas or e visas are a common method of application, promoted by the pandemic. You can visit the application page of tourist visa online and start from there.

A travel agency will generally take five days to one week to send you the visa. However, the processing time will be longer for a consulate application and will be even shorter for e visa for Bangladesh by Italians.

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