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Benin government provide and issue visa for foreign nationals wishing to enter the country. The Benin immigration policy state that it is important to meet the entry criteria of Benin to visit the country. The Benin visa rule state that French Polynesia nationals will not be allowed to visit the country without a visa. The Benin visa for French Polynesia nationals is needed at the time of entry or crossing the borders of Benin. French Polynesia nationals must carry validly issued visas from the embassy or online visas to enter Benin. E-visa for Benin can be issued online, therefore most of the French Polynesia nationals choose this option. French Polynesia nationals visiting Benin for tourism and business work will also need Benin vis to obtain entry.

Benin e-Visa for French Polynesia nationals

The national of French Polynesia can obtain Benin e-visa online. The Benin e-visa is a short visit visa that will be issued to French Polynesia nationals. The electronic authorization for Benin will allow French Polynesia nationals to use it for tourism, business, and transit purposes. The processing time is fast which can be between 5 to 7 days if an applicant is applying for a Benin e-visa. The government of Benin initiated an e-visa service to make the process of visa application easy and convenient. The e-visa for Benin can be acquired by simply filling form and submitting important documents.

Benin e-visa fees

French Polynesia nationals can apply for 30 days or 90 days Benin e-Visa. The cost of 30 days single visit e-visa for Benin is 81.0USD. French Polynesia nationals need to pay 109.0USD for 30 days of multiple visit visas. The fees of 90 days for multiple entries will cost 138.0USD for French Polynesia nationals.

Benin e-visa validity

The visa validity of one month Benin e-visa can be used for 30 days by French Polynesia nationals. Foreign nationals should leave Benin before the expiry date of the e-visa. French Polynesia nationals can also stay in the country for 90 days (3 months). If French Polynesia nationals are traveling to the country with 90 days e-visa for Benin.

Benin e-visa document requirements for French Polynesia nationals

  • 6 months valid French Polynesia passport
  • Passport size digital photograph of the applicant
  • A debit card or credit card or other online modes of payment
  • Active and valid email ID to receive Benin e-visa

Benin e-visa step for French Polynesia nationals

  • The process to apply for a Benin e-visa is simple. French Polynesia nationals can open Tourist Visa online webpage for sending the application form for Benin e-visa.
  • Select the visa type from 30 days (single entry or multiple entries) and 90 days(multiple entries) for Benin e-visa.
  • The application form of e-visa for Benin should need to be completed carefully by nationals of French Polynesia.
  • Upload valid document required for Benin e-visa after completing the application form.
  • Fees for the Benin e-visa form can be submitted with a credit card or Debit card by the applicant.
  • The application form for Benin's e-visa will be approved within one week. If French Polynesia nationals have followed the instructions and provided correct information in the Benin visa form.
  • The digital copy of the e-visa for Benin will be sent to the email address of the applicant. 

Benin e-visa extension

French Polynesia nationals can apply for a Benin e-visa extension if they are not leaving the country before the expiry date. The extension of e-visa for Benin is issued to foreign nationals willing to stay in the country for more time. French Polynesia nationals can apply for a Benin e-visa extension on a tourist visa online. The validity of the extension will allow French Polynesia nationals to stay in Benin for another 30 days. The Benin e-visa cost for single entry 30 days visa is 110.0USD. French Polynesia nationals can apply for multiple entries extension e-visa for Benin which will cost 150.0USD.

Benin entry requirements for French Polynesia nationals

  • Valid Benin visa
  • Valid and original passport of French Polynesia
  • Travel itinerary 
  • Invitation letter (for visitors traveling to Benin to conduct business-related work)
  • Sufficient funds
  • Flight tickets
  • Hotel bookings


The e-visa for Benin can easily be attained on Tourist Visa online by the citizen of French Polynesia for 90 days or 30 days.

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