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If you actually go and take a look at the tourism in Benin then you might think there is really not much to be seen at first sight. But the thing is that once you are more familiar with the place, you will get to know how much of a beautiful place you have missed out on and how good it would have been if you were here earlier. But to get that though out of your mind here are the different Benin visa types that you can check out for your travels to Benin! The trip becomes even better when you have your visa being applied from Tourist Visa Online as we not only provide the best of prices but also the best of services and hence make us the best in everything.

The types of visas can be given as follows that you can try out:

  • Benin tourist visa

A type of visa taken by foreigners when in need of going to Benin on a tourism purpose which can be easily applied by having a Benin e visa application form filled in. This visa will let you stay for a maximum of 90 days and a minimum of 30 days and the subtypes based on the duration of the stay can be given as follows:

  1. 30 days single entry Benin tourist visa: This single entry Benin tourist visa allows the tourists to enter Benin and stay for a period of 30 days after the entry day and this visa is valid for 90 days will also let you use the visa anytime within this period.
  2. 30 days multiple entries Benin visa: This multiple entries visa will allow you to re-enter multiple times on the same visa and is used for tourism purposes. This visa will be valid for only 30 days of stay and can be used anytime between the 90 days validity period after it has been issued.
  3. 90 days multiple entry Benin visa: This Benin visa will also be issued for tourism purposes but will have longer validity which is a stay for about 90 days after you have entered. This visa, however, will have a longer validity such as for about 180 days and can be used anytime after the visa has been issued within the period said.
  • Benin business visa

A type of visa that is being issued for all foreigners who need to travel to Benin and stay for business purposes. This visa will be issued for anywhere between 30 days to 90 days as well. This visa, however, can also be used to travel around Benin where in the case of a tourist visa you cannot use it for business.

  • Benin work visa

Unlike Benin business visa which allows only a short stay in Benin, the Benin work visa allows a longer period of time which can range from one year to five years. This visa will be available only when you show a work permit and this needs to be issued by the company itself and hence you cannot get a work visa if you do not produce this document.

  • Benin student visa

For any studies that are based in Benin, a student is eligible to apply for this visa provided you have already secured the admission and the document proving that has been submitted during the visa application.


  • What kind of visa do you need to stay for 1 year in Benin?

You can either get a work visa or a residence visa if you want to stay for more than 90 days in Benin. This work visa will need a permit which needs you to secure a position in Benin before the visa application.

  • I am from  Hong Kong, will I be needed to take a visa to travel to Benin?

No, as you are from Hong Kong you ill not be needed to take a visa to travel to Benin. You can however only stay for about 14 days without a visa in Benin.

  • Which is the Benin visa types that will be the best suitable for my travel to Benin if I want to work in Benin?

The best type from the Benin visa types will be the Benin work visa if you want to work in Benin.

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