do south africans need a visa for benin

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While it is true that the flawless natural beauty of Benin is what attracts its millions of visitors per year, there is much more always left to discover out of this place. It is sure a wonder that not much is known yet a lot of people go an adventure-filled journey to this destination. But if you are one of the South African citizens then you might have the question run through the mind that do South Africans need a visa for Benin? This question is absolutely justified and you are definitely going to get your answer now that you have decided to put your trust into Tourist Visa Online. Not only will you get an answer to your question but you will also get an easy way through the visa application unlike you have seen elsewhere.


  • Benin visa for South Africans citizens
  • Documents for South Africans to travel to Benin
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Benin visa for South Africans citizens

Thanks to the visa exemption facility it is now available for the South Africans that you need not have any visa before entering Benin and hence this means that all you would need is some two or three documents in your hand and you will be set for the travel. While this statement is true fr all of the citizens who live in South Africa and are a part of the country, the foreign residents who are residing in South Africa will not have an access to this facility. This means that the residents who live in South Africa even though holding a valid South African resident visa will have to apply for a Benin tourist visa or any other type of visa which will depend on the purpose for entry into the country.

Documents for South Africans to travel to Benin

Even though you will have a visa-free entry it does not mean that you will not be needed any other document to be produced as well. The documents that a South African will have to carry along for a trip to Benin can be given as follows:

  • A South African passport, this document will act as proof of your nationality and is very essential.
  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate, no matter where you are from, you will be needed to show this document in order to gain entry.
  • Your flight tickets which include both arrivals and return tickets, this should be shown before you enter the flight and even after you get to Beni airport.
  • Your insurance documents for any emergencies that take place.

The above Benin visa requirements are a must while travelling to Benin for a South African. These documents also become important for all the residents as well along with the visa that has been issued.


  • I am a South African citizen living in the US will I be needed to take a visa to travel to Benin for business purposes?

Being a South African citizen you will not be needed to take a visa to travel to Benin as you will have 90 days of visa-free stay being made available.

  • Is having insurance a necessity while travelling to Benin from South Africa?

Though it is not a necessity, however, it is always recommended to have your travel insurance issued if you are travelling to a foreign country and hence though it might not be a necessity you can apply for insurance while travelling from South Africa to Benin.

  • Do South Africans need a visa for Benin while travelling from America to UAE with transit in Benin?

No, a transit visa will not be needed as there is a visa exemption allowed and hence you can travel for free.

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