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Planning a trip to Benin? Even registered for the Benin visa already? Great! But wait! Your date of travel is coming soon and there's no sign of the visa? Calm down, man! There's nothing to worry for, as long as Tourist Visa Online is here for you. You can track Benin Visa Status online at Tourist Visa Online as a feature of tracking Benin visa status is our intentional concern, to leave our customers with full security until they did not receive their Benin visa. With the Benin visa status tracking system you can easily learn about where your visa is and when you will get it. With genuine information of each step, you can easily get to know about your Benin visa application status and get to know about if your visa application is approved or denied. Let's read this article out to learn about how to track your visa online and about the various statuses of the visa applications. 


  • What is Benin visa status?
  • Procedure to track visa status online
  • General visa statuses in detail
  • FAQs 

What is Benin visa status?

Generally, when you apply for a Benin visa the thing must in your mind that where is your visa application now and how is the process going on. Worrying about your visa status is really natural. But nowadays with the easiest online visa tracking system what is the need to even worry about anything like that! Though it totally depends on which website or online visa agency, you have applied for the visa. and you can easily ask them to provide the information related to your visa status for tracking it by that website very easily. But for that, you need to know the procedure as well. 

Procedure to track visa status online

There are generally two procedures available to track your visa online. By choosing any of these methods you can easily track your visa status in a blink of an eye! And Tourist Visa Online has made the whole thing even more easier. 

First Procedure:

So it is undoubtedly the easiest process where you first need to go to the website from which you have to apply for the Benin visa. For example, suppose you have applied for the visa from our website Tourist Visa Online. Now, you have to go to the section called "Track Visa Status". Then after opening that page you need to submit two important details, listed below: 

  1. Application ID: it is the legally approved ID number of your visa application. You can easily find it on the approval email for the acknowledgment message that you get from the respective website after the completion of your visa application process.
  2. Passport Number: as you already know that one of the most important visa requirements is a valid passport with the minimum validity duration of 6 months from the date of your arrival. So in this case you also need to provide the number of the passport which you can easily find on the first page or above the passport. Though the whole visa process takes around 7 days, you must keep track of the application status.

Second Procedure:

In case somehow you just lost your application ID or deleted the approval mail or acknowledgment message from the website or anyhow just can't find that important ID number. Now just contact the website very well applied for the Visa and provide them the passport number and the other supportive details if they ask for and they will help you to track your visa status online. Or even you can choose the official website, where you have to submit your passport number, date of birth, and some other details and they will track the visa for you. 

General visa statuses in detail:

After the visa tracking is done you may find out any of the five different types of visa statuses and that can easily confuse you if you don't know what those terms mean. so let's check out and learn about each visa statuses. 

Pending application:

This status generally means your visa application is still on the way to the authority and it has not been totally processed yet. Or maybe it is still under observation and the embassy has not received your application yet. Sometimes due to some network error in updating, it shows this status.

Application received:

This application status means that the embassy or the authority just got your application for your preferred visa type and they are checking if your documents and evidence are alright. Probably within the next 2-3 business days, you will get to know if your visa application got approved or denied.

Administrative processing:

it is one of the most important that is on the way to your visa approval it means your application is going through the administrative processing which will further decide if your visa is gonna get approved. After checking all your documents the authority gives the final decision. So if this process is taking longer than the normal time period then probably there can be some faults in your documents and they will contact you soon.


so finally if your application is showing this status then this means, your visa application has gone through all the processing already full stop and probably you will get your visa approval letter for the e visa within a few days. For further information, you can contact the website or the embassy or the consulate office from where you have applied for the visa.


unfortunately, if your visa application is showing the status of denied then for some fault in your application or in the provided documents your visa got rejected by the authority. Now you can either contact them to know about the fault or you have to apply again. Remember you don't get any kind of refund from any website. 


Q. My daughter is 13 years old and she travels with my passport, does she need to get a visa to visit Benin?

All the children regardless of the age limit, need to get their own separate visa to visit Benin. Though they can travel with their parent's passport because that doesn't matter as long as the passport has a validity period of 6 months or more.

Q. What are the conditions a passport needs to meet for a Benin e-visa approval?

Generally, the passport needs to meet a few criteria for Benin e-visa approval which includes: 

  • The passport should have validity for more than 6 months from the day of your arrival in Benin.
  • It should contain at least two blank pages for the visa and immigration stamps. 
  • It must contain all the required personal information clearly.
  • It must not get torn or damaged anyhow.

For more details keep reading the other articles on every available prospect of the Benin visa policy. Hopefully, you have learned all about the Benin visa status tracking system. Have a great & safe journey to Benin. 

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