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Romania is a country in the European continent. It is a realm that is the least modernized in the continent. This place is idyllic and seems to be from the medieval age mixed with the new cultures.

Every person will get something by visiting this third-world nation. There are many experiences that one can choose from the many. It is not similar to the places in Europe and it is one of the cheapest to travel to.

Is this country intriguing to you? Tourist Visa Online provides visas to this province for people of all the third-world countries.  Read more to delve into the Romania visa policy and prepare for the trip.

The best things I can visit in Romania

This is a land of gothic wonders, mysteries, and beauty. There is not a proper set of places to go to in the country as any long trip will not be sufficient to explore it. It surprises the tourists even if it is their tenth time of visit!

Here is a list of a few things that one can never miss while in this nation:

  • Transfagarasan road: It will be a heaven for all the people who love road trips and driving on different roads. The road begins in Brasov and continues to a height of 2,134 meters with many sharp open turns. It drives through the countryside and is a thrilling experience.
  • Balae lake: It is a glacial lake and an enchanting spot to stop and visit a restaurant for a hot soup.
  • Viscri village: It gives the feel of a rural setting with unpaved roads, historic houses, and horse carts as a form of standard transportation. 
  • Sibiu: It is well known for its houses with eyes. This is an allusion created by the window panes on the tiled roofs.
  • Sighișoara: This is a town with extremely colourful houses around every corner. Walking through this will surely make a person feel like he or she is in a fairytale. It is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the world with a historical clock tower and a square.
  • Brasov: This is the capital of Transylvania. Piața Sfatului is the heart of Brasov’s medieval centre and a great place to eat at.
  • Strada Sforii: This is the narrowest street in the world! Make sure that you are not claustrophobic while going through this narrow street.
  • The Black Church: It is the largest gothic church in Europe! As the country is known for its gothic vibe, this fits in perfectly.
  • Bear watching: In Brasov, one can go bear watching in the wilderness. There is a lot of greenery in the country and watching the wild will not be tough.
  • Nera Gorges Natural park: It is the best natural park with brilliant clear waters and thrilling trekking experience.
  • Castles: It is full of medieval architecture and gothic cultures. Bran castle is the favourite of the tourists and it is the one that was featured in the novel “Dracula”. Peles castle seems to be directly from the book of fairytales.
  • The Danube: It is valued by UNESCO for its great ecological value. The unspoiled nature of the territory is a reflection of the natural wonder here.

The various kinds of visas and the visa policies are

There are different types of Romania visas that one can opt for based on the purpose of the visit or stay in the country. It is an authentic and hospitable nation.

Let’s have a look at the different stays:

  • The airport transit visa: It is marked as A and one can use it to stay in the airport for a layover or stopover. Only the airports or the transit areas are open to going to this visa. It costs USD 94.14 or 80 EUR.
  • Transit visa: The government gives this visa to the people who have a long transit in the country. With this visa, people can stay for no more than five days. The price of this visa is also USD 94 or 80 EUR.
  • Short-stay visa: The government issues this for ninety-days (three months) and marked with the letter C. One can use this visa for 180 days or six months (visa validity).

The cost of this is USD 94.14 or 80 EUR. There are several other purposes for which this is given like tourism, business, transport, sports, science, etc.

The government issues all the above visas for the kids of 6-12 years in USD 47.16 or 40 EUR only. The country will not increase the length of stay of A, B, C visas.

  • Long-stay visa: It is marked with the letter D. It costs about USD 141 or 120 EUR. One is empowered to increase the length of their stay while having this visa.

It is remembered that for this lengthening, the application is to be made thirty days or a month before the expiry date of the visa. This visa is usually applied for a variety of causes like studies, work, reunification, economic or commercial activities, etc.

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Frequently asked queries

Question: Should I get a visa to go to this country?

Answer: The necessity of attaining a visa depends on a few factors. An individual can check if he or she must apply for or needs a visa by filling out the details in the government e-visa portal. If this is time-consuming, all one has to do is to navigate to Touristvisaonline and clear the doubts through the live web-chat option that is available all the time.

Question: Is there any restriction for going to Romania during the coronavirus pandemic?

Answer: Yes, the government does not suggest people come to the country if they come for short stays or transits with respect to the Coronavirus. It is inclined to give only long-stay visas.

Question: When can a person apply for a visa to go there?

Answer: Usually one can apply for the visa before three months or 180 days. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government advises the applicants to apply only fourteen days or two weeks in advance.

One might worry if the application will be processed fast when applied only two weeks before they travel. To apply for it without any worry navigate to Touristvisaonline and apply through it and get the e-visa in three days only!

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