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Saint Kitts and Nevis are islands that are located one-third of the way between two locations such as Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago. Both are volcanic islands and are divided by a 3-kilometer wide channel referred to as The Narrows. There are also several notable species of animals, a stunning turtle that amazes visitors. Mount Liamuiga is the highest point between the two islands on Saint Kitts and stands 1,156 meters high. A budget trip to Saint Kitts and Nevis means that you have to know some tips and tricks which can only be given by Tourist Visa Online. 

The natural beauty and diversity attract many people to visit this country. Many tropical birds are almost exclusively present on the islands. 

The climate is tropical, with a constant sea breeze keeping the atmosphere calm and comfortable for the visitors. 

The island has it all to offer; whether it is site seeing, relaxing, trek, swimming, and exploring the island, it has too much to offer. There are plenty of peaceful retreats to fall in love with. Multiple water sports available with awe-inspiring diving sites.  

Getting to Nevis is smooth and smart choices of different flights and advance trip planning can help you budget your trip. 

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Traveling to Nevis is easy; there are multiple airlines that fly to the St. Kitts and Nevis. The least expensive way is taking multiple flights, but that may consume a lot of time. When returning from St. Kitts & Nevis, you have to bear an airport departure tax, an environmental levy, and a small security charge to be paid after checking in and before going through security. You can pay in local money or dollars US. 

Saint Kitts and Nevis- Entry visa requirements

All visitors to St. Kitts and Nevis require return tickets to enter the country. Visas are not necessary for the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Japan, Canada, for up to 30 days. For citizens of Commonwealth countries, a visa is not required, except for South Africa, Cameroon, Mozambique, and Namibia. 

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The cost of living in St. Kitts is affordable. The island is a charm for the tourist, and so are its hotels and resorts. The island boost of beautiful stay options located just a mile from away from St Kitts and Nevis' finest beaches. You can get luxury hotels to inexpensive stay options for every kind of traveler. For backpackers or budget travelers, you can get a wide variety of guest houses that are well equipped and affordable, scattered all around the island, and with the best proximity. 


To budget your trip, it is essential to confirm the currency you will pay for transport to avoid any issues. For local transport, you have taxis, buses, microbus, which are standard modes of travel. Hiring a tour guide is also an option if your pocket allows, who will provide you with transportation. Several rental car agencies are also available on the island. Microbus the cheapest option for travel. Visitors can take the scenic railroad tour to visit the sugar mills, which adds much delight to the expedition.

Travel to Nevis can be done under a tight budget. Multiple travel options are available, especially community buses; getting a bicycle on rent is another affordable option if you want to travel frequently within the city. The taxi ride is costly than public transport in Saint Kitts and Nevis. On average, it may cost EC$114 per person, per day, on local transit in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Intercity Transportation Budget in Saint Kitts and Nevis

For moving between cities and towns in Saint Kitts and Nevis, it costs an average of EC$68 depending on route length, time, and mode of transport. Car hire is also a good option for intra-city travel if you want to escape public transportation and cabs' inconvenience.  


The island has a wide variety of Caribbean cuisine. The average cost of food in Saint Kitts and Nevis is approx EC$104 per day, depending upon your food choice and the venue. You can get varied food, be it expensive or inexpensive, luxury cuisine or street food, cost of living in St.Kitts as per your lifestyle. The price of food in Saint Kitts and Nevis's sit-down restaurants is often higher than fast food prices or street food prices.

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Entertainment Budget in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Visitors are attracted to Saint Kitts and Nevis because of its breathtaking island and world-renowned diving. You can find multiple diving sites near the islands, and there is something for everybody be it experienced divers or beginners. There are plenty of caves, reefs, and shipwrecks, adding to the diversity of the island. Entertainment and activities in Saint Kitts and Nevis typically cost an average of EC$217 per person per day. The package includes fees paid for admission tickets for day tours, museums and attractions, and other sightseeing expenses.

You can also consider taking a ferry over to Nevis for day travel, which will run you just under $10US per person each way. There are numerous for fee activities and excursions that you can do if your budget allows.

It is always best to plan and get the best tour package. This will make your travel to St. Kitts and Nevis not an overflowing pockets trip but a memory-making experience. We get a customized tour package of Airlines that fly to St. Kitts and Nevis, hotels, and car rentals, a perfect getaway to St. Kitts and Nevis ensuring you budget your trip. Hence a budget trip to Saint Kitts and Nevis is something you won't get tired of! 

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