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The tiny islands are well situated off the coast of the Saharan African continent. Both these islands make a singular one which is known as Sao Tome and Principe. The island is famous for the soothing vibe that it provides for the visitors. Another thing that the island is famous for is its culture and cuisine. People from all over the world come here for tasting the heavenly mouth watering unique cuisine. If you are thinking about what to eat in Sao Tome and Principe and want more information about the popular food in são tomé and príncipe, then you have landed on the right article. Read this article till the end.


This Portuguese speaking tiny island is proud about the cuisine that it has. If you visit this country, you won’t be disappointed with the food you will taste. The wide variety along with the deliciousness will win your heart. Here we are pointing out the best of the eateries inside  the country that you can visit when you are visiting the country:

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This charming along with the laid back with style patio restaurant provides the best of the dishes. It is also one of the most crowded ones in the country. The menu has an interesting new twist and so are the dishes. You will not find anything regular, but everything unique here. The thick fish steaks are mind-blowing, and you should also try the barracuda. You can also order for some tasty sides as well as drink as a top off for your menu.

Additionally, American cuisines like pizzas, burgers also come with a different twist here. The prices are extremely reasonable, with it being the best restaurant that you can visit with your family.


This is a famous as well as a well known one of the country. It houses a sprawling deck at a classic administrator house of roca. The valleys that outlook the sea alongside the view of the same is spectacular that can be viewed from this restaurant. The food is a fusion of African, European, and Sao Tomean taste. But everything comes again with a unique taste that you would have never experienced before. The restaurant is run by the celebrity chef Joao Carlos Silva who also runs the iconic Cacau. There are some unique recipes here at this restaurant that you can try out. This is the perfect spot for eating if you are heading towards the south side of the country.


This restaurant is well hidden behind a wall on the street of Guadeloupe. This restaurant comes as a surprise for the visitors. You will have two gazebos set aside inside a garden, and the tables are draped with white clothes. The wine selection around this restaurant is extremely generous which also goes handy with the meat and fish blending of the Portuguese cuisines. For experiencing a kind of luxury, you can head into this unique eatery in São tomé island.


The name literally translates as five senses, which is a growing sensation for the country. The restaurant is powered by famous Lisbon chef Joao Nunes, and offers Afro Portuguese fusion dishes. The meals are beautifully prepared as well as sophistically presented for the tourists. You can book the terrace on weekends and enjoy the packed crates with a parachute for ceiling. It is an experience that you must try with your family as well as your loved ones.


This restaurant is located at the best location inside the city. The name translates as the pirate. The significance of the same is given through the deck perched on the crashing sea wall facing the shipwreck that is just a mere distance of 100 meters. You can taste the utterly delicious seafood here which comes with huge portions. You can also try the famous Calulu recipe here.

If you want some partying as well as need some night time with more fun along with excitement, you visit this place on Fridays after 10 PM. This is when the crowd gathers, and the restaurant becomes a party destination for all.


The surrounding of this chic café is the most beautiful one you will find inside the country. The menu is dynamic, on which you get a lot of options which you can choose from. Some unique são tomé and príncipe recipes can also be found here. Along with all these, the price is not too much, also, the creative specials are a highlight. The specials range from lobsters, fishes, as well as the roasted beef. Everything comes with a perfect fusion of African, European, and Sao tomean flavors.


This restaurant is famous for being located inside the only restored colonial building of the country. If you have had a rough day, you can head onto the rooftop that is hidden, which acts like an oasis where you can chill as well as munch your heart out with pizzas along with your favorite hamburgers mixed with a different twist.

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  • são tomé and príncipe language is Portuguese. It is spoken largely inside the country. If you are an English speaker, you may have some problem conversing with the locals, as they do not speak English. Hence, you should carry a translator with you.
  • There are no ATMs around the island; hence withdrawing cash is a difficult job here. Hence, before visiting you should have enough cash with you so you can take care of yourself.
  • You will not be getting any phone signals here. The only way that you can connect with your people back inside your home country is through wifi that can be found only inside the hotels. You can also buy a local sim card for you to stay connected.
  • The climate of the country is hot as well as humid throughout the year.Because of its closeness from the equator, the sun rays are pretty strong. Hence, you must always carry a sunblock with you so you can stay away from the sunburns.
  • The country is filled with animals since it is a tropical rainforest. However, the animals here are not as dangerous as compared with its counterpart countries. But, there are a wide species of animals that you may witness, and some of them might be dangerous. Hence, you should be aware of your surroundings.

 Day by day, Sao Tome and Principe tourism is growing. With more people visiting the country, the economy of the country is also blooming. Now that you are all known about what to eat in Sao Tome and Principe, choose the eateries wisely when you visit this country. Also, do not forget to try out your favorite traditional dishes including estufa de morcego.

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