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Every one of us should consider Tanzania visa requirements before we apply for a Tanzania visa. Getting a visa for Tanzania is difficult for those who do not follow proper guidelines while applying for a Tanzania visa. And then people question why their visa was rejected and what was the reason behind the rejection of their Tanzania visa. Today we are here with the solution to this problem. Do you know what is the main reason behind this rejection of the visa for many of you? It is improper documentation and incomplete requirements that are asked by the government of Tanzania for issuing a visa.

Now many of you may be thinking how can this problem be solved? so the first thing that you should consider. So that your visa is not rejected is to have a look at the list of the documents that you will require for applying for a Tanzania visa. This article comes with a lot of benefits as you will come to know about the requirements for a Tanzania visa in detail.

Frequently asked questions

Q. I want to know which passport related documents are required for obtaining a Tanzania visa?

There is absolutely some information related to your passport that you will require for the processing of your Tanzania visa. The information that you will require is given below:

Your current passport:

The first thing that you would require is your current passport with the validity of at least 6 months. If your passport is valid for the next 6 months that's great but if you don't have a valid passport up to six months please get your passport renewed for 6 months. This will help you to get your Tanzania Visa without any difficulty.

  • A clear copy of your passport
  • A Digital copy of your passport is required because when you use online services you cannot submit documents physically.
  • Make sure it should be a digital scan; the copy should contain the first page of your passport which has complete information of yours. This will help the embassy to verify your information.
  • Well keep in mind that the copy of your passport should be clear and your details are visible to avoid any inconvenience.

Your old passport (optional):

If you have got a new passport then you are also required to submit your old passport along with the other documents. But if you don't have one you don't have to worry because it is an optional document.

Q. How can I make the payment for my Tanzania visa? Is it important to make a payment online?

Yes, it is important to make a Tanzania Visa payment online when you are using online services for applying for your Tanzania visa. But when you apply for a Tanzania visa through the embassy then you can make the payment offline and this type of payment can be made at the embassy itself. Below we have explained how you can make the payment online.

Source of online payment

When you're done with your visa requirements in the application form you have to pay your visa fee online and for that purpose, you are required to have a debit card or a credit card. You can also pay Visa fees by using internet banking like PayPal.

Q. One of my friends was saying that it is important to provide the address of the place where I am going to stay during my trip to Tanzania? Is it true?

Yes, you heard the truth you are asked for the address of the place where you are going to stay while your trip to Tanzania. This information is asked because of some security-related purposes.

We recommend you provide the complete address of the place where you are going to stay during your trip. So that you don't face any trouble. There are two places where you can stay and we have provided the information related to both the cases:

A valid address of your residence in Tanzania at friends place:

  • When you're staying in Tanzania you need to provide the address of the place where you are staying to the immigration officers as a part of Tanzania’s Visa policy.
  • Any tourist needs to provide its valid address whether you are staying at your relatives' or friend's house.
  • If you wish to stay at their place then identity proof of the resident is required for confirmation from their side.

Proof of your hotel bookings in Tanzania:

  • If you plan to stay in a hotel then you have to provide proof of hotel bookings. With the complete address along with your inn date and exit date.

Q. Which kind of Photograph should I upload for my Tanzania visa? Are there any specifications for a photograph?

Yes, there are few specifications that One should follow when applying for a Tanzania visa. Passport size photograph - You are required to give the latest photograph of yours.

  • The size of the photograph should be of 4cm*4cm.
  • The background in the photograph should be white color.
  • You should smile partially in a picture.
  • Your face should not be covered with your hair or your scarf.
  • You should look straight towards the camera and avoid any kind of posing.

Q. My grandmother wants to visit Tanzania but I am really worried about her health. Will she require any medical certificate or insurance for getting a visa for Tanzania?

If your Grandmother wants to visit Tanzania she should get medical insurance because if she faces any health-related issues then you should get health insurance for her so that if in future she faces any issue related to health she can be treated with the help of medical insurance.

Q. Is it important to maintain a Bank account statement before applying for a Tanzania visa?

Yes, it Is important to maintain a Bank account statement because it is required when you upload documents for a Tanzania visa. If you have a good bank statement this represents that you can support your stay in Tanzania and if not there are higher chances that the visa can be rejected.


You need to be aware of Tanzania visa requirements if you are planning to apply for the Tanzania visa in the future. This will help you to understand which documents you require and which guidelines you have to follow for obtaining the visa without facing rejection. So if you have already read this article then apply for a Tanzania visa and if you are still not aware of anything then you should have a look at this article at least once.

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