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United Arab Emirates Visa Fee | Apply United Arab Emirates Visa Online

Apply United Arab Emirates Tourist Visa Application Online.
Type of Visa Visa Category No. of Entry Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Visa Fee
14 Days Visa Tourist Visa Single Entry 58 Days 14 Days 3 - 4 Days 160.0 USD
48 Hours Visa Transit Visa Single Entry 58 Days 48 Hours 3 - 4 Days 90.0 USD
96 Hours Visa Transit Visa Single Entry 58 Days 96 Hours 3 - 4 Days 140.0 USD
30 Days Visa Tourist Visa Single Entry 60 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 170.0 USD
30 Days Visa Tourist Visa Multiple Entry 60 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 370.0 USD
90 Days Visa Tourist Visa Single Entry 180 Days 90 Days 3 - 4 Days 500.0 USD
90 Days Visa Tourist Visa Multiple Entry 180 Days 90 Days 3 - 4 Days 760.0 USD
30 Days Visa Extension Tourist Visa Single Entry 58 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 450.0 USD
90 Days Visa Extension Tourist Visa Single Entry 90 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 500.0 USD
Dubai Expo Visa Tourist Visa Single Entry 60 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 130.0 USD

About United Arab Emirates Visa

Luxury is probably the best word to describe the United Arab Emirates but the fact that UAE has something for everyone cannot be denied. Best known for the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, the country has numerous skyscrapers to boast of. When tired of the modern world, one can find himself marveling at the surreal Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi which is adorned with tremendous amounts of gold and marble. UAE is also home to the largest natural flower garden in the world, the Dubai Miracle Garden and the Palm Islands, a must on every traveler visiting UAE. For visiting UAE, you need to get a visa unless you belong to the few countries which are exempt from the same. You can either go to their embassy and file an application or apply for an e-visa. The latter is much easier but only 143 countries are eligible for getting Dubai E visa. Apply UAE visa online.

Citizens of the following countries can get e-visa.
Afghanistan Albania Algeria Angola Anguilla Antigua & Barbuda
Argentina Armenia Azerbaijan Bahamas Bangladesh Belarus
Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina
Botswana British Virgin Island Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon
Cape Verde Cayman Island Central African Republic Chad China Colombia
Comoros Congo Congo Brazaville Cote d'ivoire Cuba Djibouti
Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea Ethiopia Fiji French Guiana Gabon Gambia
Georgia Ghana Greenland Guatemala Guinea Guyana
Haiti India Indonesia Iran Iraq Jamaica
Jordan Kenya Kiribati Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon
Lesotho Liberia Libya Macau Macedonia Madagascar
Malawi Maldives Mali Marshall Islands Martinique Mauritania
Mauritius Mexico Micronesia Moldova Mongolia Montserrat
Morocco Mozambique Namibia Nauru Nepal New Caledonia
Nicaragua Niger Nigeria North Korea Pakistan Palau
Palestine Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippiness
Pitcairn Islands Puerto Rico Qatar Rwanda Saint Helena Saint Kitts & Nevis
Saint Lucia Saint Vincent & Grenadines Samoa Sao Tome & Princippe Senegal Serbia
Sierra Leone Solomon Islands Somalia South Africa Sri Lanka Sudan
Suriname Swaziland Syria Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania
Thailand Timor Leste Togo Tonga Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia
Turkey Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uganda Uzbekistan Vanuatu
Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe  

This list may vary from time to time; therefore, it is advisable to check with the UAE embassy before traveling to the UAE.

Mostly Visited Countries to United Arab Emirates.
Dubai visa for India Dubai visa for Azerbaijan Dubai visa for Colombia
Dubai visa for China Dubai visa for Pakistan Dubai visa for Germany

United Arab Emirates Visa Types

Types of United Arab Emirates Visa

Tourist Visa

Those planning to go to the UAE  for personal purposes need to apply for a tourist visa. The procedure for a tourist visa is the same as that of other countries with you having to show your hotel bookings or invitation from your friends or relatives. Your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months beyond your period of stay.

Transit Visa

You do not need a transit visa if you are one of the nationalities eligible for visa on arrival or a visa-free entry to the UAE. According to the websites of Abu Dhabi Airport and Government of Fujairah, citizens of Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Niger, and Yemen are not eligible for a transit visa on arrival.

Business Visa

If you are going to the UAE for conduction of a business or for representing your company, you will need a business visa. The institute or organization you will be visiting has to provide you with an invitation letter and your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months beyond your period of stay.

Student Visa

Student's visa in the UAE can be secured either by residents sponsoring their children or by one of the accredited universities/colleges in the UAE. Visa applications are processed through visa authorities represented by the relevant General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in each emirate.

Documents required for United Arab Emirates visa

UAE Visa Document Requirements.

  • Clear color scan copy of Passport First and Last page.
  • 1 Scan Color photo.
  • Confirm Air ticket(optional)
  • Hotel Booking(optional)
  • Employment Details (If you are an employer)
  • Visa Guarantor Details ( If you can provide)
  • You need a sponsor to apply for your entry permit. ( If you are applying through tourist visa online then you don't need it.)


United Arab Emirates Visa Faq?

Yes, the visa fees are the same for both infants and adults.

The visa can be used to enter and exit the country from Dubai airport only. However, it can be used to go to any part of the country by any other means.

Yes, there is. Females below 25 years of age and males below 21 years of age need to apply for a Dubai visa along with their father, mother or husband to avoid any chances of rejection.

Yes, you need a new visa each time you enter the UAE. You can apply for up to two visas. Each visa application is a separate process – once you have finished your first application, please start the process again for your second visa. Alternatively if your itinerary permits you may also opt for a multiple entry visa.

Yes, you may reapply for a new visa, however, the earlier unutilized visa needs to be canceled first before applying for a new visa or else there are chances of new visa being rejected by the UAE immigration.

Women expecting one or multiple children can travel during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy without a medical certificate. From the beginning of the 29th week to the end of the 36th week, they need to submit a medical certificate. From the beginning of the 37th week onwards, they would not be accepted for travel. If the infant was born premature or with complications, parents must submit the MEDIF form and medical report.

Yes, if they have a resident visa from the UK and other European countries than only Indians can get visa on arrival for 14 days.

Yes you can renew your visa but you have to renew it before expiration and those who fall in the category cannot apply for renewal of visa-

  • Visitors and tourists who are residents in GCC countries
  • Residents accompanying GCC nationals
  • Those on special entry permits
  • Those on 96-hour permit for special missions.

If you are in Dubai than first you have to follow these steps-

  • Upon receiving the police report, get it stamped by the relevant UAE court, Public Prosecution and General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in the emirate where the visa was issued.
  • After these endorsements, you can return the police report to the station from where you received it and they will issue you a formal ‘lost passport certificate’ in Arabic.
  • Based on the formal ‘lost passport certificate’, a person can apply for a new passport at his embassy/consulate in the UAE. Check with your embassy for the requirements.
  • When your passport is issued, you have to go back to the GDRFA to stamp your residence visa. Check with the relevant GDRFA about application and fees.
  • GDRFA will issue a residence visa with the same validity period as of the old visa is still valid, or it will issue a new residence permit if the visa expired while you were inside the UAE.

No, to be eligible for a visa your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months. In this case, you will have to renew the passport before applying for a visa.

A visa does not guarantee entry into UAE. Immigration officials can deny you entry if they find you to be a threat to the country or for any other reason. The final decision is taken by them.

Yes, your relative can apply for a visa on your behalf.

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