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Travel insurance is insurance for covering any unforeseen losses incurred while travelling both internationally and domestically. Mainly, travel insurance cover medical expenses occurred overseas, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight delay, personal liability etc. It is beneficial being get covered by travel insurance for a hassle-free journey.


Is Travel Insurance Mandatory for United Arab Emirates visa?  

It is always advisable to have travel insurance because in an unexpected crisis it will be your only friend in an unknown place. Travel policies are important but we must know whether it is mandatory?

In 34 countries across the world travel insurance has made mandatory, United Arab Emirates is one among those countries. It is mandatory because their medical expenses are costly and they do not offer any financial aid in your crises. They will ensure that the traveller had cleared all those expenses, if not then the passport will be seized. So in order to be gentle with the travellers, they made it mandatory.

You can easily get travel insurance for United Arab Emirates before travelling to United Arab Emirates. In order to have a worry-free wonderful trip always cover you with travel insurance policies. Experience United Arab Emirates at the best!!  


What are the Different Types of United Arab Emirates Travel Insurances?

We should always opt the right type of insurance according to our purpose of visit, duration of the journey, age of the traveller and many other pre-existing factors. Here are some verities of insurance that you can catch easily for a trip to United Arab Emirates through online

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance 

It covers your life and property only for a single trip. Normally it is less costly as compared to other types of insurance. Medical expenses, lost luggage, flight cancellation, personal liabilities are mainly included covers in it. Always chose the policies according to your need, never jump into it by seeing it cheaper.

  • Multiple Trip Insurance

Multiple travel insurance or Annual travel insurance are meant frequent travellers who make more than one trip in a year. The cover period is 31days at times we can extend it to 60 days, but the extra cost is applicable. It is beneficial for frequent travellers because they can plan a trip anytime in a year as their property and life are already insured.

  • Family Travel Insurance

These type of insurance cover the entire family for a single trip. It mainly includes four members, the parents or adult should be below 60 years and the two children to be below 21 years. If this is not satisfied then we should opt for other policies. Family travel insurance is cheaper as compared to buying single travel insurance for every member of the family.

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

It mainly covers the medical expenses of people who are between the age of 60 and 70. It provides many other covers like lost luggage, flight cancellation, personal liability etc.

  • Student Travel Insurance

Students travelling to abroad for their studies are increasing day by day. Being in an unknown place it’s always good to get covered by a student travel insurance for peaceful well-being. The covers vary according to the factors.

  • Group Travel Insurance

These types of travel insurance policies cover a large number of folks who are not family but travelling overseas at the same time. 

Why is it essential to have Travel Insurance?

Where ever you go, go with your heart. Travelling will always bring you peace because it will provide us many first times and excitements, in order to enjoy it to the fullest you must need a hassle-free trip, this can be ensured only by travel insurance, so, without doubt, we can say that travel insurance is essential. It mainly covers three aspects

  • Protection to your life

Medical Expenses 

One of the main important benefits of travel insurance is meeting medical expenses while being in overseas. Most of the country medical expenses are too expensive so it’s always better to be covered by travel insurance.

Medical Evacuation

Medical evacuation is one of the areas covered by it. They will offer you better medical evacuation at times of need.

Accidental Death 

Travelling to the high-risk area or any adventure trip has to be secured by travel insurance because in case of accidental death their family will be financially supported.


  • Protection to your property        

Lost luggage                                                         

In case if you have faced with loss, damage or theft of luggage or any personal thing during the journey travel insurance will fix it also offers many other services like the rental car to make our journey more smooth. If any accident or risk has occurred in that place then return to our home town Wii be taken cared for by them.

Personal liability

During your journey sometimes you may cause damage or loss to another person’s life or to the property, then travel insurance will cover you.


  • Protection to your experience

Trip cancellation

Trip cancellation is one of the best covers of the travel insurance because in case of any emergency situation due to health issues or any personal reasons you have to cancel the journey then travel insurance will take care of it.

Other interruptions

During your trip any interruption such as whether change can cancel your trip. In this case, it will be protected by travel insurance.


How much does travel insurance cost?

One of the main question a policy purchaser face is how much does a policy cost? Generally, the policy will cost 4% -10% of the total pre-paid non-refundable trip cost. The cost of the policies varies, so it is important to know the price guideline.

 Age of travellers:  Travelers above the age of 65 will cause an increase in the rate of cost. While in case of minors then you can add them to the plan without any additional cost.

Number of travellers: If the number of members is more than the cost of the policy will increase because the risk is more.

Length of travel: If you are travelling more than 21 days in overseas and the number of members is more than 7 then there is a high risk this will automatically push up the cost.

Type of coverage: this is one of the main factors that influence the cost. The basic plan is much cheaper than the comprehensive plan because it covers more.


How do we opt for the right policy?

Research: Go for different varieties of plans, compare and research to select the best

Ask: Always go for expert advice. 

Compare the needs with the features: The best way to choose the right one is to select the policy according to needs or the purpose of your trip.

It is Crystal clear that travel insurance is mandatory in United Arab Emirates and some other countries, even if it is not mandatory it's always beneficial to have travel insurance for a hassle-free journey. Choosing the right policy is like choosing the right friend at an unknown place. Make each expedition more exciting by shielding it with travel insurance.

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