united arab emirates visa for ecuador nationals

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The United Arab Emirates is an Asian country with its capital in Abu Dhabi. With a surging population of 10M UAE in today's date is an excellent place to visit as a tourist, business personnel, student, etc. Being a developing country, UAE provides varied business opportunities, Dirham is the currency used here and Arabic is the main language spoken. This place is definitely somewhere you need to travel to in order to get an ultimate experience. but having a United Arab Emirates visa for Ecuador nationals will be a must without which traveling is not possible. Hence to apply for this document one can refer to the information given by Tourist Visa Online.   


If you are an Ecuador National and want to visit UAE you'll require a Passport that states the nationality along with a Visa.

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You can get your E-Visa issued before departing at Tourist Visa Online. A printed e-visa confirmation is compulsory for passengers, The validity of the visa can be checked by the Airlines after visiting the same site or visiting the "Query GDRFA-D App".


If a passenger with a normal passport gets the confirmation that his visa is approved before departure then he can apply for visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 96 hours, 30 days or 90days. Passengers Passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of arrival. The visa that is approved before departure must be submitted by the immigration authorities.

NOTE- The passenger will get deported on the same flight if the sponsor or the representative isn't present when the passenger arrives at the airport.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION - An expired passport is accepted only when the passenger is holding a new passport.


Visitors might not get entry if they don't have a return or onward flight tickets.

Visas that were issued by the United Arab Emirates and have expired after March 1 2020 are accepted for entry until 31 December 2020 only when the passenger has validated the visa within 30days of arrival.


A passenger needs to note that UAE embassies don't issue tourist visas, so in order to get it the passenger will have to contact any of the UAE based airlines, hotels or a tourist agency. They

will apply for a visa on your behalf (they will be your sponsor or representative) to the Official Visa-issuing authority of UAE.

Any of the UAE based airlines that the passenger wishes to contact for a visa must know that all airlines have their own terms and conditions before applying for the visa one of them is, they might ask you to choose to travel with their flight, so these terms and conditions must be met.

If the passenger aims to contact the UAE based licensed hotel or tourist agency then the same might ask the passenger to buy a ticket or a room in the respective agency or hotel.

The passenger might contact travel agencies in their own country for tour packages in collaboration with the local agency of UAE.

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  1. VISA Application Form.
  2. Passport size photograph not older than 6 months.
  3. A passport is required with one blank visa page and valid upto 6 months on entry.
  4. Passengers must hold proof of sufficient funds.
  5. Passengers must hold proof of onward or return flight.
  6. Hold all the required documents for further destinations.
  7. Confirm the airline if boarding will be allowed without visa or visa on arrival.

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Q. Can I travel if my passport is on the verge to expire?

It would be recommended that you apply for a new passport and then only apply for a new visa as the passport which will expire soon will not be considered as a valid document. 

Q. How can I apply for a visa to Umrah and Hajj?

You can follow the website link and just have your visa applied for as per the instructions given. 

Q. Do I need a visa to travel to Emirates destination?

Yes, no matter which one of the seven Emirates you need to go to you will have to apply for a United Arab Emirates visa for Ecuador nationals.  

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