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The people from Canada who want to Visit Nepal can do that by just getting a visa. They can apply online or get an arrival visa at airports. The required visa for the purpose of the visit is chosen as per needs. The requirements and the documents for the visa are also mentioned. The types of the visa also explained very clearly. There are a lot of attractive places for tourists to visit in Nepal.

Visa types:

The first is details of tourist visa that’s explained. The 15 days visa with permission for many entries has the cost of thirty (30) US dollars. The valid time for stay is 15 days. The next is the 30 days visa. It has a valid time of 30 days and permission for many entries.  It cost about fifty (50) dollars. The 90 days visa has a valid time of stay for 90 days. This visa has permission for many entries and costs about one hundred and twenty-five (125) dollars. The next is the extension visa per day costs about 3 dollars. If the visa expires before extension then the rate may be about twenty-five dollars. These are the kinds of tourist visas for Canadian. The prices may vary according to the place of the visa that’s booked.


Study Visa in Nepal

The next is the study visa in Nepal. The new study visa has a charge of thirty (30) dollars for every month. This is for students undergoing degree programs. The next is for a non-degree program. It may cost up to seventy-five dollars every month. The students who have the option of waiver can pay about fifteen dollars every month. The students from foreign countries can have a charge of about fifty dollars every month.

Non-tourist visa in Nepal

The non-tourist visa is the next topic. People from foreign countries with their origin in Nepal can avail themselves of the non-tourist visa. It can cost up to ten dollars every month. The passengers who are journalists can obtain this visa. It costs about fifteen dollars every month. The passengers who work in Nepal for the companies or projects under GoN can get this visa. It may cost about thirty dollars every month. If any person from a foreign country marries a citizen from Nepal they can avail of the visa. It cost is about fifteen dollars every month. Similar to the above if the foreigner is a relative of the Nepalese family and married. Then the cost is about twenty-five dollars. The people who work under contracts can get this visa. The cost is a bit high of about fifty dollars every month. All the other foreign people who work in Nepal can get the visa. The cost is seventy-five dollars every month.


Resident Visa in Nepal

The resident visa is the topic. The new visa for the resident costs about five hundred dollars. They have permission for having many entries. The renewal of the resident visa along with much entry permission is available. It costs about two hundred dollars every month.

Details and requirements for visa:

The first is the original passport along with a photo with a plain background. Next is the application fee for the visa process. The amount paid either in American dollars. The cards like debit and credit are also accepted as a mode of payment for the visa process. The submission of the form is only taken from morning 10 am to evening 4 pm. After issuing the visa there is no chance for refunding of money. They can use it within the expiry date mentioned. The immigration department takes care of the visa renewal process. The main immigration center is Kalikasthan in Kathmandu. A visa for passengers arriving at the airport is also available. You can avail yourself of the Nepal visa once you reach the airport.



The above-mentioned visas like the study visa, tourist visa, and the resident visa are main. There is also a business visa available for people who are doing business in Nepal. So before applying for the visa know the purpose of the visit and select a visa accordingly. Also, know the number of days of stay so that you can choose the visa accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Canadians can stay in Nepal for a limit of up to one hundred and fifty days. This limit is the first tourist visa for about 90 days. Then they can apply for the extension of the Nepal visa for 30 days that is 1 month. It has a count of 120 days. Then if needed they provide extra 30 days to stay in Nepal later the count is 150 days. That will be the last extension for any visa to stay in Nepal. After that, you must for sure leave the country.

This gratis visa is given to people for their first visit in the year. It counts from the month of January to December. It has a valid stay period of about 1 month. It’s given to people coming from South Asia. The places like Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc. The people from India don’t need to get a visa for entering Nepal. The gratis visa has the option of extension. It’s done in immigration centers in Nepal. 

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