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This is the visa for the tourist which is required for the Afghan citizens and it is usually with a period of 30 days and the visa can expire in 3 months. To apply for this visa the applicant is required to be present when applying for the Iran tourist visa. There are total 9 documents which are required for the applying Iran tourist visa.


Basically the Iran is closed for the travel and the one who is travelling to Iran are required the proof of a negative PCR test which has to be taken within the previous 96 hours on arrival and the travelers who are not having the proof of negative result then the entry will be denied and without it they have to isolate them for the 14 days at a government facility and also the self declaration form of covid-19 have to completed prior to arrival.


If you want the Iran tourist from the Afghanistan then you need to some things which are the following:
  • There are some visa applicants which will need to attend a visa interview and basically there are some applicants who qualify for the visa without the interview as well. You have to wait until and unless you application pass all the required process within the 10 business days.
  • After that you need to print and keep the visa application submission notice and the page will be appear when you will complete the email verification process after submitting the online visa application.



The 9 documents which are required for the Iran tourist visa are the following:
  • Firstly the visa application form is required and it has to be completed.
  • Then the passport photo is also required and that should be no older than 6 months.
  • The passport is also required and that has to be original or you have the travel document of Afghanistan with at least 6 months remaining validity which was received on the date of travel and you have at least 2 visa pages clear of any markings.
  • The invitation letter is also required and for that the letter from the relative or the friend or the company who is inviting you to visit and their relationship to you. In the letter: some things should be written like the purpose of your visit and length of stay, if you will be staying with them and also provide the proof of their funds.
  • The flight bookings are also required and in this the flight reservation which is made by a real travel agency and that can be helpful for the visa applications or if you want to enter the country without purchasing a return flight.
  • The hotel bookings are also required in which it has to be mentioned the duration of your visit and also the embassy recommends not to purchase the tickets if you have not get the approval of application.
  • The itinerary of the travel is also required and in this also the embassy recommends not to purchase any hotel or flight tickets until and unless you received the approval of application.
  • The insurance for the travel is also required and with that the certificate of insurance and the table of benefits should be their. You can also give the letter which you will get from the bank confirming that you have an insurance along with the copy of credit card.
  • The bank statement is also required and that should be recent which you have get recently month statement of the applicant and that statement have to be clearly shows the name of the applicant as the account holder, the balance of the account and the date of the statement should be mentioned in it but if the statements are printed online then that has to be stamped by the officials of the bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit many countries with the Afghan passport such as Micronesia, Dominica, Haiti, cook islands and Pitcairn.

Yes everybody can get the Iran visa on arrival at several airports in Iran.

There are 26 countries who are visa free entry for the Afghanistan passport.

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