how to apply united arab emirates visa for samoa nationals

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UAE is a land of dreams and beauty, an oasis in the desert. it is also the jewel of the Middle-East. All the emirates has a lost to offer in terms for tourist. To enter UAE as a foreigner one must attain a United Arab Emirates visa for Samoa nationals. Abu Dhabi is a business capital with modern tech and booming businesses, Dubai the Jewel of the Desert, the very emirate that is made of dreams. And the other emirates provide an inside view of the local culture.  And for many traveling here is a dream come true.

 The tourist visa is a document permitting the foreigner to enter the country and indulge in tourism activities. And there is a procedure to attain this. All nationalities must follow this procedure as given by Tourist Visa Online to attain the visa document permit.

Samoa passport holders need a visa to travel to UAE. And the visa expires within 90 days and the applicant is allowed to stay for a period of 30 days to 3 months . The applicant is required to provide 2 documents and must be present when applying for the visa. The Samoan national must provide accurate details in the application that matches the passport to get accepted. 

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How to Get UAE VISA?

  • To get a UAE visa the Samoan national must get in touch with the hotel or the tour agency or the UAE based airlines, who will apply for the visa on their behalf to the UAE visa authority. As UAE embassies do not issue visas. 
  • To get a visa by the UAE based airline certain condition must be met, such as flying with that airline. 
  • Hotels and travel agents will arrange for visa provided the applicant stays in the specific hotel or by tickets from that UAE licensed travel agent. 
  • Certain tourist packages for UAE are available in Samoa which works in collaboration with the UAE based tour operator and the Samoan national can opt for a tourist package to attain UAE visa.

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Validity: 1 month Processing: Next Business Day Total Cost: 145.0 USD

Validity: 3 months Processing: Next Business Day Total Cost: 460.0 USD


Validity: 1 month Processing: Next Business Day Total Cost: 315.0 USD

Validity: 3 month Processing: Next Business Day Total Cost: 760 USD

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Documents Required:

  • Visa Application Form is to be complete with all relevant details and be submitted. The data given must match the passport to get the visa issued.
  • Passport Size photo needs to be provided and should not be older than 6 months. 

Additional Documents for Female Applicant and Student travelling alone

  • NOC CERTIFICATE or a No Objection Certificate is to be obtained from the applicant’s guardian or husband which gives them permission to travel. 
  • A copy of the husband or guardians Photo ID
  • A copy of the Host’s passport and UAE residence visa is required to enter the country.

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Q. Is it possible for me to check the United Arab emirates visa application form once it has been submitted? 

Yes, it is absolutely possible to check your application form and the details uploaded however it will nto be possible for you to make any changes. 

Q. Will the cost of the united arab emirates visa change with each type of visa? 

Depending on the visa type and the validity of teh visa the cost of the visa does change. 

Q. Will a United Arab emirates visa for Samoa nationals be granted only if i am traveling with an Emirates Airlines? 

It does not matter which airlines you are flying with you can apply for your United Arab Emirates visa through Tourist Visa Online without any such issues. 

It is very easy for a Samoan Passport Holder to attain a UAE Visa without complication if the process is followed.

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