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Traveling to the United Arab Emirates? You might need a United Arab Emirates visa. Touristvisaonline provides you 7 types of visas- 14 days tourist visa, 30 days single entry, tourist visa and 90 days single entry tourist visa 30 days Multiple Entry Tourist Visa and 90 days Multiple Entry tourist visa and Also Touristvisaonline offer 48 hours transit visa and 96 hours transit visa.

  • The United Arab Emirates is popularly known for its travel and tourism. It is also one of the fastest developing countries in the world. And similarly, with the advanced technology, United Arab Emirates E-Visa has easily become one of the easiest ways to apply for the UAE visa.
  • Traveling to a different country is very stressful to plan for and sometimes visa processing centers can be a lengthy procedure for the application of your United Arab Emirates Visa. The long wait time of standing in the queues is frustrating.
  • E-Visa or online visas are just like normal visas but in an online mode. The travelers have the ease of sitting at their homes while they fill out the application for their United Arab Emirates E-Visa.
  • Over recent years, the majority of the people have preferred applying for an online visa rather than physically going to a typing center and submitting their applications.

This article will tell you everything about the United Arab Emirates E-Visa and how can you apply for it.

What is the United Arab Emirates E-Visa?

  • E-Visa stands for an electronic visa. The United Arab Emirates E-Visa is an official document permitting entry to the country of UAE.
  • It is also an alternative to the visas issued when you land at the airport.
  • Electronic visa has emerged as one of the most innovative services being implemented in the United Arab Emirates and several other nations.
  • It allows the process of visa application to take place completely online and with the help of the internet.

What are the benefits of opting for an E-Visa for the United Arab Emirates?

There are several advantages of an electronic visa and some of them are listed below. These are the reasons why you should pick E-Visa over your regular visa.

  • The entire process of visa application takes place online, which means you can be at the comfort of your home and apply for the UAE visa.
  • It saves you from visiting different typing centers in your locality and physically carrying the documents with you.
  • There is the minimal processing time for online visa processing. It ranges from 2 days to a week depending on the type of your visa.
  • The online visa application is very user friendly and easy to understand.
  • There is no need to have physical copies of your documents. The application of E-visa requires you to upload all your documents online.
  • All of your information and details are protected with high security.
  • You can apply for an E-Visa for your friend or family members if you have their details.

How do I make a payment if I am opting for United Arab Emirates E-Visa?

As technology has advanced around the world, there have been several online modes of payment introduced. Applying for your UAE visa online helps you with your choice of payment, you can select from various options like a Credit card, Debit card, Internet Banking, and even several Internet Wallets.

The payment is secured and you will immediately receive a receipt for it. The confirmation of payment will be mailed to you along with an application number. You can also opt for some sort of offline mode of payment after contacting your online Visa company.

How do I track my United Arab Emirates E-Visa?

  • Once you are done with the payment you will constantly receive updates about the application of your UAE E-Visa on your email.
  • If you want to track the status of your E-Visa, the option will be available on the website of your Visa agency.
  • You can use your application number to track the details of your UAE E-Visa.

How will I receive my UAE E-Visa?

  • You will be receiving your United Arab Emirates E-Visa through your official email which you mentioned while filling out the application form. 
  • You can then proceed to download it and take a print out of it.

How early do I need to apply for my UAE E-Visa?

  • Online processing of UAE Visa applications takes a minimal time of 2 to 7 days.
  • Which means that you don’t have to apply for it well in advance.
  • But at the same time, do not wait till the last moment. 


The United Arab Emirates E-Visas are the new generation of visas. These electronic visas are much more convenient than your regular visas with faster processing time. Avoid stressing out for your next trip to the UAE by applying for your United Arab Emirates Visa online.

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