united arab emirates visa for spanish nationals

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Spanish Nationals wanting to visit the United Arab Emirates(UAE) must be knowing that the UAE is not a Visa-Free Country. Only GCC citizens don’t require United Arab Emirates Visa. Do you want to visit UAE but are confused regarding United Arab Emirates Visa Document Requirements? Then this article answers all your questions. Today, we will talk about United Arab Emirates Visa for Spanish Nationals.


  1. Do I need a visa to travel around the United Arab Emirates if I'm Spanish?
  2. Which type of Visa Spanish Nationals can apply?
  3. Visa Requirements for Spanish Nationals:
  4. How can I get the Visa Without Any Trouble?

Do I need a visa to travel around the United Arab Emirates if I'm Spanish?

Yes, Spanish Nationals need a visa to travel around the United Arab Emirates. Citizens of Spain as said earlier are not eligible for Visa-Free Entry in UAE. They can get the Visa from the UAE-based Airlines provided your fly with them or through a Travel Agency.  Also, a UAE-based hotel can provide you Visa but, again you have to make hotel reservations from them.

Which type of Visa Spanish Nationals can apply?

Spanish Nationals can get United Arab Emirates Visa On Arrival. They are eligible for 14 Days,30 Days, and 90 Days Tourist Visa. They can apply for any kind of Visa according to their requirements. Most Importantly they can even apply for 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa. 

The visa will have the validity of 6 Months and stay of 90 Days in total. The validity of the UAE Tourist Visa starts from the Date of Arrival in UAE. They can also apply for 30 Days Multiple Entry Tourist Visa which will have the validity of 60 Days and stay validity of 30 Days. Unfortunately, Spanish Nationals are not eligible for e-Visa. So, they cannot apply for United Arab Emirates Visa Online.

United Arab Emirates Visa Requirements for Spanish Nationals

Spanish Nationals need to fill a Visa Application Form. Also, they need a passport to get the Visa on Arrival. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the Date of Arrival in the UAE. They need to give their Color Photo and scan copy of Passport First and Last page. If they are working as an employer then employment details are also needed. Visa Guarantor Details are also needed but, it is optional. 

Hotel Booking and Confirmed Air Tickets are also needed but, again they are Optional. You also need a Sponsor who can apply for your Work Permit. But, what if you don’t have any Sponsor? Visit https://www.touristvisaonline.com/united-arab-emirates-visa where you can get the Visa without any Sponsor.

How can I get the Visa Without Any Trouble?

Visit Tourist Visa Online where you can apply for Visa On Arrival without any Complications. Through Tourist Visa Online you can Track Visa Status online and also get 24x7 Customer Support. The visa expert team verifies all the documents and then only sends it further for processing. Tourist Visa Online also provides Fast Forward Visa Service. By availing this service you can get your Visa in less than 48 hours. We also provide lots of Payment Options and give Secure Online Transaction. The team will provide you with accurate information regarding your Visa Requirements and will do all the hard work for you.


1) Can Spanish Nationals apply for Visa Online?

Ans: No, Spanish Nationals are not eligible for UAE e-Visa so, they cannot apply for Visa Online. Although they can apply for Visa On Arrival.

2) For how many maximum days can Spanish Nationals stay in UAE with Visa?

Ans:  It all comes down to the type of Visa they apply. They can stay in the UAE for 14 Days,30 Days, and 90 Days. 

3) Are Spanish Nationals eligible for UAE Tourist Visa?

Ans: Yes, Spanish Nationals can apply for UAE Tourist Visa.

4) What if Spanish Citizens visit UAE without Visa?

Ans: United Arab Emirates Visa Policy states that No one except the Visa Exemption Countries can visit UAE without applying for Visa. If you do so then you might go to jail or strict legal actions will be taken.

5) Is UAE a good Tourist spot? Should Spanish Nationals visit UAE?

Ans: Yes, UAE is a very famous tourist spot with lots of Exciting Places to visit. It is also safe at the same time and Spanish Nationals should visit UAE once in life.

6) Can I cancel the United Arab Emirates Visa Application?

Ans: Once you have filled the Visa Application Form and made the payment you cannot cancel the form afterwards.

7) What do you mean Single-Entry tourist visa and Multiple-Entry tourist Visa?

Ans: Single-Entry tourist visa can also be used once. So, after visiting UAE the visa expires and cannot be used once again. Multiple entry tourist visa can be used again and again to a certain limit for visiting UAE.

8) What are the different types of Tourist Visas for Spanish Nationals?

Ans: There are 3 types of Tourist Visas. The main difference between the 3 visas is the Duration. One can avail 14 Days,30 Days, or 90 Days Tourist Visa.

9) Is United Arab Emirates Visa For Spanish Nationals a mandatory requirement?

Ans: Yes, Visa for Spanish Nationals is a mandatory requirement.

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