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United Arab Emirates(UAE) is a favourite tourist destination for many people. If you are someone who wants to visit UAE for any purpose then you need  United Arab Emirates Visa. Without Visa, you can not visit the UAE. There is a total of 7 Types Of UAE Visa. Today, we will discuss all the United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa Types.


  1. United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa Types
  2. Benefits of Different UAE Visas
  3. Easy way to apply for Visas

United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa Types

The UAE Visas are Categorized depending upon the Reason for your visit. One cannot visit the UAE without Visa. So, you must apply for a visa beforehand online. To apply for any kind of Visa one must fill United Arab Emirates Visa Application Form. On the other hand, Certain Nationalities may get visa on arrival. Some don’t even need a visa. Below are the United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa Types:

Business Visa: The United Arab Emirate Business Visa comes under the Golden Visa system. It means Visitors can avail of a long term visa for themselves. This visa for BusinessMen or Entrepreneurs who wants to visit UAE for some Business purposes.

Benefits Of Business Visa:

  • After getting the Business Visa the Entrepreneur can enter for 6 Months with a multiple-entry visa.
  • The person can also help his/her Business staff to obtain residency.

Tourist Visa: People who can’t avail the Visa on Arrival or who are not eligible for Visa-Free entry can apply for United Arab Emirates Tourist Visa. One can apply for a 30 Day or 90 Day Tourist Visa. This visa is available for Single-Entry or Multiple-Entry. If possible the Tourist Visa can be obtained through Licensed travel agents and hotels in the UAE. But, you need to purchase Air Ticket from them and hotel reservations. Most Importantly, the Visa can only be availed through UAE-based airlines and not from the UAE Embassy.

Benefits Of Tourist Visa:

  • One can apply for a 30 Day or 90 Day Tourist Visa.
  • The Tourist Visa can be extended for 30 Days Twice. But, it should be approved by the Relevant Authority.

Student Visa: This United Arab Emirates Student Visa as the name suggests is for students who want to study in Colleges or Universities in the UAE. The student must be over 18 years old to apply for this Visa. But, there are certain eligibility criteria for this Visa. The student should be graduated with a grade of at least 95 per cent. University Students must also have a distinctive GPA of at least 3.75. Students can get this Visa from the UAE Universities. The UAE Residents sponsoring their children can avail this Visa.

Benefits Of Student Visa:

  • Not only the students who get this Visa would be Benefitted but, also their Family Members would get the Visa Benefits.
  • A long term visa of 5 years can also be obtained.

Transit Visa: The United Arab Emirates Transit Visa is available for Two Durations of Time. One can avail 48 Hours United Arab Emirates Transit Visa or 96 Hours United Arab Emirates Transit Visa. You have to pay AED 50 for 96 Hours Visa. UAE-based airlines sponsor this Visa. The Visas should be arranged before your Journey and must be approved by the Appropriate Authorities. Also, both the Visas are Non-Expandable. If the 48 hours visa is issued then it cannot be expanded to 96 hours visa. To apply for this Visa one must have a passport that has the validity of 3 Months. A Confirmed ticket booking to a 3rd destination is also needed. Also, one must give a photo against the white background.

Benefits Of Transit Visa:

  • All the facilities will be provided by the Airlines at the Airport.
  • You don’t need to pay anything for the 48 Hours visa.

Patient and his/her companion entry permits: Foreign Patients who want to visit UAE for treatment can apply for this Visa. The Visa should be applied under the sponsorship of Hospitals or other medical facilities in the UAE. The sponsor takes all the responsibility to apply and get the Visa for the Patient.

Benefits Of Patient and his/her companion entry permits:

  • The patient’s companion entry permit can be expanded by giving the duly certified medical report.
  • For Extension, the medical report must clearly state that the patient needs to stay for more days for the Treatment and the Companion also needs to stay.

E-Visa for GCC residents: GCC residents who want to visit UAE have to apply for this. The visa should be availed before arriving in the UAE. The visa is valid only for 30 Days from the Date of Issue. They can stay for 30 Days. The entry permit for companions travelling with GCC residents is valid for 60 Days. To apply for this Visa GCC residents need to have a passport valid for 3 months from the Date of Arrival. The GCC Residence Visa should be not be expired while entering the UAE. If a found expired entry would not be given.

Benefits Of e-Visa for GCC residents:

  • Both the GCC Visa and Companion Visa can be extended.
  • The GCC Visa can be extended for 30 Days and the Companion Visa for 60 Days.

Retirement visa for UAE residents: Retired Residents can get this Visa. This visa can also be renewed. The visa was recently launched in September 2018 by the UAE Cabinet. To apply for this Visa one must fulfil the below requirements:

  • Invested in a property worth AED 2 million.
  • The person must also have an Active Income. The income should not be less than AED 20,000 per month.
  • Should have made some financial savings of not less than AED 1 million.

The main benefit of this visa is that it is a long-term residence visa of 5 Years.

We have Discussed all the United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa Types in Detail.

I am facing trouble in applying for UAE Visa….

To apply for any kind of Visa you need a lot of Documents. The procedure itself is quite complex and it is natural to be confused about what to do next. There are lot United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa Types and you might be confused about which one is right for you. Also after investing so much time, there is no guarantee that you will receive your Visa. Because if you give any wrong documents or wrong details your application will be denied.

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1) How do I know my UAE Visa Type?

Ans: Depending upon the Purpose of your Arrival you can understand which Visa you should apply. For example, if you visiting UAE for Business Purpose then you can apply for Business Visa. If you are a student and want to study in UAE then Student Visa is right for you.

2) Can I visit UAE without Visa?

Ans: Certain Nationalities can visit the UAE without any Visa. If you are one of them then you can visit without any Visa. For others who are not eligible for Visa-Free Entry, they need to apply for Visa BeforeHand.

3) How much should be the Passport Validity to apply for UAE Visa?

Ans: The passport should be valid for at least 6 months.

4) For how many years a Student can get the UAE Student Visa for studying?

Ans:  Long Term UAE Student Visa is for 5 Years.

5) How many United Arab Emirates(UAE) Visa Types are there?

Ans: There is a total of 7 UAE Visas.

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