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The United Arab Emirates has been an international hub for business and tourism. With Dubai being declared as the next World Expo destination, Business visas are up and running for the United Arab Emirates. With the country serving on the leader boards for one of the topmost tourist destinations, business visas are on-demand and this article will tell you everything you need to know about the United Arab Emirates Business Visa. The United Arab Emirates has a history of business starting with the traditional monuments to now being widely spread to gold souks. It has also emerged in being a trade center with organizations and companies spreading over the whole country.


  • What is the United Arab Emirates Business Visa
  • Who are eligible for a Business visa
  • United Arab Emirates Business Visa cost
  • Documentation required for your Business visa
  • How to apply for your Business visa online
  • Why chose Tourist Visa Online

United Arab Emirates Business Visa - What is it?

For the betterment of the United Arab Emirates tourism, economy, and business the UAE business visa was introduced under the Golden Visa system. This is the best suitable visa for business purposes which is highly recognized in the United Arab Emirates. With the United Arab Emirates business visa, you can stay in the country for a period of 14 days and your business visa will stay valid for 54 days. This business visa is a single entry visa which means that you can only enter the United Arab Emirates once in the duration of your stay validity.

Who are eligible for the United Arab Emirates Business Visa?

Business travels for business meetings are quick yet important and you wouldn't necessarily want to miss out on an opportunity knocking at your door.

The United Arab Emirates Business Visa is valid and eligible for those seeking business opportunities or entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates. This is essentially useful for the ones new to the field of jobs and has to attend meetings accordingly.

The United Arab Emirates has always excelled at being a hub for business opportunities and trade. Tourist Visa Online provides a Business visa at a reasonable cost making it convenient for these people to grab their chances and succeed.

How much does it cost for a Business visa to the United Arab Emirates?

The cost of a United Arab Emirates Business visa will vary from the provider you choose. In the mode of online progression, your most reasonable and time effective way is to apply for your Business visa online. That means getting your United Arab Emirates e-visa!

Now, the cost also depends on the nationality you belong to and the country that you are staying at the moment, you get to select both of these individually. But irrespective of your location, Tourist Visa Online serves you with the best price and service. To check more details about your United Arab Emirates Business visa, visit Tourist Visa Online, and select your countries. Proceed to the next page to see the cost of the Business visa for you and the additional charges with it.

What are the documents required for your United Arab Emirates Business visa?

It is vital to understand the documents required for your visa application as they play an important role for your verification. In case you are filling out a United Arab Emirates Visa application for a relative or a friend, make sure you have their documents in order to apply for their visa.

Below listed are the documents you will be requiring for your Business Visa:

  • Scanned copy of your Passport that is valid for the next 6 months
  • Multiple colored passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of your completed application form
  • Travel itinerary which includes the hotel bookings
  • Round-trip airline confirmed tickets
  • Bank account statement
  • A letter stating the purpose of your visit
  • Invitation letter from the company (In the United Arab Emirates)

Please note that you will be required to submit these documents scanned, which means they can be in a format of a PDF, JPG, or JPEG.

United Arab Emirates Business Visa - How to apply?

As stated before, the United Arab Emirates has outshined at its visa policies thus introducing the online mode of visa for the citizens for every country. Tourist Visa Online stands at the top of the list providing you a fast and easy visa application for your United Arab Emirates Business visa.

Here are the steps mentioned for the easy accessibility of your visa:

  • Visit Tourist Visa Online www.touristvisaonline.com
  • Select your citizenship country
  • Select the country that you are currently living in
  • Select United Arab Emirates as your destination country
  • Proceed to fill out the application form
  • Upload all your documents
  • Make your payment online
  • Receive your United Arab Emirates Business visa on your email!

That's it! That's the whole process in just a few simple steps.

Remember, you will be requiring a legitimate email address where you will be receiving your Business visa as a United Arab Emirates E-Visa. And you need to avail of one of the online payment modes for you to make a transaction online for your Visa fee.

Why choose Tourist Visa Online as your visa service provider for your United Arab Emirates Business visa?

Tourist Visa Online has been renowned for having the most satisfied customers with the highest visa acceptance rate. With the online application for your United Arab Emirates Business visa, you will receive your visa on your email address as a pdf that you can download or take a print out. It has a way faster processing time and you wouldn?t really have to physically take the time out to visit a visa processing center when all your work can be done online at the comfort of your home.

The documents required are well explained and very easy to submit but in case you make a mistake, there are experts reviewing your application and making corrections wherever needed so that you are ensured a hassle-free United Arab Emirates E-Visa experience.

For all the business-minded people out there seeking an opportunity to travel to the United Arab Emirates, your business visa is the last thing to be worried about as Tourist Visa Online has got you covered!

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