5 reasons why you should visit united arab emirates

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When you hear the word the United Arab Emirates you will think about Burj Khalifa, Luxurious hotels, Shopping, Desert, and a lot more things. There are tons of reasons to visit the United Arab Emirates. It attracts a high number of ex-pats, tourists every year. Each emirate has its unique places to visit and you will surely make beautiful memories. Read this article to know why You Should Visit United Arab Emirates.


When we talk about why you should visit the United Arab Emirates you cannot ignore Dubai right? Everyone has heard about Dubai and you should visit Dubai once in life. Visit the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa and experience the Stunning View. If you love shopping then Dubai has the biggest shopping centre called ‘Dubai Mall’. Mosques in Dubai are also very beautiful. There is a large variety of Delicious food available both in cheap and high price. Also, various food festivals happen in Dubai now and then. You definitely can’t miss the Beaches right? You can even try skiing in the Desert. Yes, you read that correctly as there is a Ski resort in the Desert. Dubai is full of surprises and exciting places!

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is home to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is made of pure marble walls decorated with gems. This is truly a masterpiece and will give you chills! This is the most beautiful place to visit in the entire United Arab Emirates. Everyone can enter the Mosque provided they wear proper clothes and behave properly. You can also explore Yas Viceroy Hotel which is a five-star hotel. It is being built above and across the F1 Yas Marina Circuit. Ferrari World an indoor amusement park would be a great place to enjoy with children. The world’s fastest roller coaster is also situated there. 

You can also head over to Boat Tours where you will be able to see the tall Buildings, Nature and Scenic Beauty! And how can one forget the Warner Bros World? The theme park is dedicated to Warner Bros movie superheroes, cartoons, and all the rides are based on these cartoons. Your child will love this place for sure.

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Sharjah is the third largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates and a very popular city. Unlike Dubai or Abu Dhabi where you get fascinated by its Skyscrapers here, you will find archaeology, culture, heritage buildings, and museum. The Sharjah Natural History Museum is the most visited and popular place in Sharjah. Here, people can get to know many interesting facts and would fall in love with History for sure!

There are various adventurous spots like the Dune bashing at Mleiha. Also one can’t forget the Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship race at Sharjah waterfront right? The city is home to various festivals and archaeology treasure.

Home To Adventurous Activities!

Now, if you love adventure then there are no excuses not to visit this place! The United Arab Emirates offers so many things for adventurous people. If you want to do Skydiving then you can experience this thrilling feeling with Skydive Dubai Team. If not skydiving then Hot Air Balloon will bring a smile at your face. You can enjoy an aerial view of the deserts, beautiful sunrise, and peaceful nature. You can get your Hot Air Balloon ride through the Balloon Adventures Emirates. From Karting, Dirt Biking, Sandboarding, BloKarting you won’t get this Unique Experience anywhere else but only in the United Arab Emirates!

Breathtaking Experience

The United Arab Emirates provides everything for everyone. Meaning the experience you get when you visit there is BreathTaking. The United Arab Emirates is more then Skyscrapers and Deserts! The people, food, culture, history, environment everything is just amazing. It has been selected for the Guinness Book of World Records many times which suggests there are plenty of incredible things to do. From Adults to Kids everyone will enjoy the place and find something crazy to do. Visiting this place should be in your Bucket List as you will make many beautiful memories there for sure!

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1) Is food cheap in the United Arab Emirates?

Ans: Yes, the food is very affordable in the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, the food is very delicious and there is a huge variety.

2) Is it safe to go to the United Arab Emirates for a vacation with family?

Ans: The United Arab Emirates is very safe to travel with your family. Incidents of theft or any harmful incidents with tourists are rare.

3) Do UAE issues e-Visa?

Ans: Yes, UAE issues e-Visa through which people can visit the UAE for a certain period of time. GCC Citizens don’t need any visa to enter UAE while certain nationalities may get visa on arrival.

4) Is applying for UAE Visa mandatory?

Ans: Without UAE Visa you cannot visit UAE. You need to apply for the visa before your journey.

5) To Visit United Arab Emirates what should be the validity of my passport?

Ans: The passport should be valid for 6 months from the Date of Arrival in the United Arab Emirates.

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