96 hours united arab emirates transit visa

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The United Arab Emirates, with the introduction of 96 hours Transit visa, has become one of the most traveled tourist destinations world-wide, experience a lot of travelers layovers at its international airport in Dubai. There exists a huge influx of passengers and flights every year and the numbers just keep on increasing.

When you plan your trip to a certain foreign destination and have the United Arab Emirates as a layover, go grab that opportunity to spend a while in the city rather than passing your time at the airport. The United Arab Emirates is the hub for tourism and has a lot to offer even if you are there for a short period of time.

Having a layover at one of the largest airports in the world and experiencing the opportunity of being in the country of culture and luxury is something you should not miss out on. The Transit visa can come very handy in such situations and if you are willing to know more about it, this article on 96 Hours United Arab Emirates Transit Visa is here to answer all your questions and solve the doubts! Keep reading.


  • What are the 96 hours Transit Visa all about
  • 96 hours United Arab Emirates Transit Visa Who is it for
  • What is the documentation required for 96 hours Transit visa
  • How to apply for your 96 hours United Arab Emirates Transit visa

What are the 96 hours Transit Visa all about

The United Arab Emirates has extended its visa possibilities by introducing Transit visas. The Transit visa is the visa you can avail of if you'retravelling from country A to country B and have a layover in between in the United Arab Emirates. The transit time stands for a minimum of 8 hours.

The stay validity, as the name says, is for 96 hours. The visa validity is for 14 days. Remember that your visa validity starts from the moment you receive your United Arab Emirates visa which is in accordance with how you plan out your trip. However, the stay validity will not keep you in constraint with the time because irrespective of the time of your lay-over it wouldn't exceed 96 hours. You can freely be in the United Arab Emirates for up to 4 days!

96 hours United Arab Emirates Transit Visa Who is it for

The 96 hours United Arab Emirates Transit visa is applicable for practically anyone traveling to a destination with a layover in the country of history and luxury, the United Arab Emirates. It is valid and required by everyone.

This, however, excludes all the tourists and travelers belonging from the GCC nations. The GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) consists of six middle eastern nations including the United Arab Emirates which are: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

If you happen to belong to one of these nations, you do not have to worry about your Transit visa as you are visa-exempt for the United Arab Emirates. But if you belong to any other nation, you still don't have to worry about anything as we have got you covered with our easy application E-visa without having to visit any processing centers.

What is the documentation required for 96 hours Transit visa

The entire United Arab Emirates Transit visa process is the same except for a few minor changes when it comes to the documents. Below listed are the documents you will need to apply for the 96 hours visa:

  • Filled Application form
  • Photocopy of your Passport with a validity of 6 months
  • All of your confirmed airline tickets
  • Hotel booking proof (if you are staying at one)
  • Multiple Passport size photographs
  • Bank account statement for monetary proof

No matter what the documents are, it becomes an easy process for you if you apply for your United Arab Emirates visa through the online mode as all you need to do is upload your documents as a softcopy. This saves you all the trouble of having enough photocopies of your documents and keeping them all in check!

How to apply for your 96 hours United Arab Emirates Transit visa

The United Arab Emirates is known to have one of the largest visa industries. The process of getting a visa made may sound confusing and complicated but it is really not. Constantly visiting a typing centre or a travel agency in your city can be slightly time-consuming but the world is transforming and so are the visas.

The United Arab Emirates E-visa is the easiest accessible option for you if you do not wish to spend a lot of time figuring out how to get your 96 hours Transit visa. Transit E-visa for the United Arab Emirates is open to people from all of the nations which is why you can instantly get your hands on it.

Tourist Visa Online provides the most comfortable online visa services for your 96 hours United Arab Emirates Transit visa. One can sit at home and do it at the comfort of your laptop. You can even opt for applying for a friend/relatives visa considering that you have their documents. It can rapidly be done in a few steps listed below:

  • Visit Tourist Visa Online
  • Select your citizenship
  • Select the country you currently reside in
  • Select United Arab Emirates as the country you want to visit
  • Proceed to the next step where you fill the application form
  • Fill all your details and upload the documents
  • Make your payment online
  • Receive your 96 hours Transit visa in your email.

The process is fairly simple as compared to the traditional method of Visa application. You do not need to worry about where you belong or where you are staying. Your nationality and the play you're staying can be two different countries and yet you can apply for your 96 hours Transit United Arab Emirates visa.

If you wish to seek the other United Arab Emirates evisa services available to you by Tourist Visa Online, fill out your country and citizenship, and then you will be able to see a list of visas you require to entire the United Arab Emirates and choose from them.

All of the work required will be done online through your laptop so you can relax and stress on other things about the trip because Tourist Visa Online has got you covered!

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