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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is situated in the Southeast region of the Arabian Peninsula. The UAE is a federation of 7 emirates namely, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah. Over the years, UAE has gained recognition as a trade and transport hub. this place with much recognition is also the place that has been ranked as the number one tourist destination. to enter such a place would need you to have a visa and hence the application for a United Arab Emirates visa for Timor-Leste Nationals is an essential. Tourist Visa Online is an agency to help you through this process without having to waste time worrying about the visa and just focusing on enjoying your vacation time!


  • About Timor-Leste:
  • Other requirements
  • Visa Specifications
  • Dress Codes for travelers in UAE
  • FAQs

About Timor-Leste:

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, also known as East Timor, is a small country in Southeast Asia which occupies half of the island of Timor. 

Other requirements-

There are additional documents required in case of female applicants or students above 18 traveling alone which are as follows-

  1. A No Objection Certificate (NOC) signed by the applicant’s parents or husband.
  2. A copy of the applicant’s parent/husband’s ID is a must.
  3. A copy of the host’s passport and UAE residence visa. 

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Visa Specifications

The Timor-Leste nationals need to apply for a visa before arriving as they are not eligible for a visa on arrival or visa-free entry. The individual/individuals should have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival. The eligible individuals can apply for a tourist visa with a single or multiple entries. A tourist visa cannot be issued for a female traveler below the age of 18 who is not accompanied by her parent. In case of children under the age of 18 can get a free visa if they are traveling with adults for their visit from 15 July to 15 September each year. 

What is the duration of the tourist visa?

A tourist visa to the UAE can be issued for duration of 30 days or 90 days, single entry or multiple entries, depending on your plan. 

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How to extend or renew the tourist visa?

The tourist or visit visa can be extended without the need to leave the country for 30 days twice. Application for a renewal should be done by the tourist or visitors before the expiry of the first one against AED 600 each time of renewal.  In case of a visa overstay and non-renewal, after the 10th day of the visa expiry, a fine of AED 100 for each day of overstay applies. 

Who can apply for your tourist visa?

The UAE-based airlines also offer their visa service with a few conditions to be met. One of the conditions is you must fly with them. The list of airlines offering visa services is as follows-

  1. Emirates Airways
  2. Etihad Airways
  3. Air Arabia
  4. Fly Dubai

Hotels and licensed travel agents in the UAE can also apply for your tourist visa on the condition that you purchase your ticket through them and make a hotel reservation with that specific hotel. Another option is contacting travel agents in Timor-Leste who work in collaboration with a local operator in the UAE.  

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What are the charges inquired for the tourist visa?

Depending on the type of tourist visa you apply for, you will be able to get the gist of the United Arab Emirates visa cost.

Dress Codes for travelers in the UAE

As hosts, the Emiratis are too polite to say anything but most of them find it disrespectful when the travelers are wearing skimpy clothes or tank tops. In Dubai, there are no particular laws in place with regards to how to dress in public for the tourists but a few things should be kept in mind like- 

  • The women travelers should cover their shoulders and knees.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes.
  • In the case of men travelers, knee-length shorts are acceptable.

However, Sharjah and Ajman have a strict and mandated dress code. The rules are-

  • Women should cover their shoulders and upper arms down to mid-calf.
  • Shorts are not allowed for men at all. 

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Q. Will the visa policy remain the same if I am to apply for a United Arab Emirates visa to travel to Sharjah? 

Yes, Sharjah being an emirate out of the seven emirates will follow the same visa policy and hence there are no separate rules. 

Q. Is a UAE visa on arrival available for a Timor-Leste National who is on an emergency journey?

Yes, a Timor-Leste national who wants to apply for a visa on arrival can definitely do so. 

Q. I have a Timor-Leste citizenship and I wish to apply for a United Arab Emirates visa for Timor-Leste nationals, is it possible to pay the fees through PayPal? 

Yes, Tourist Visa Online accepts all sorts of payment methods and hence you can definitely pay for your visa via PayPal. 

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