united arab emirates visa for angola nationals

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UAE or the United Arab Emirates is one of the most influential countries in the world. It has made a name for itself with the wealthy seven Emirates. This federation was formed by peaceful agreements. This is an amiable nation and many people wish to be a part of it. The tourism of the country peaked after 2016 and it has become a diverse destination. This filthy rich country, the outer side it might just look like a normal desert but it is the epicenter of trade and the architectural marvels are next to what God himself can create. This federation is a very friendly and peaceful one and welcomes many tourists and expatriates. 

Angola is a country in the African continent. The passport holder of this African country stands in the ninetieth place with the freedom to go to other places in nearly forty-nine countries. This position is disclosed according to the Henley Passport Index. It is full of traditions and immense value for culture. This can be a great connection to the Angolans with the people of the Arab federation. This is also a nation with a surplus of oil. The standard of living is lower in the country and the economic development is uneven. It gained independence from Portugal in 1975 and has been in the clutches of colonization till then. Usually, Angola is thirty-four percent inexpensive than the Arabian country when we look at aspects like transportation, housing, food, etc. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is lesser than the union of seven Emirates. The GDP is 10.1 times lesser. 

However, the “Kuwait of Africa” is fifteen times more enormous than the “city of extravagance and gold”. Going to an Asian city can be a costly affair, but all the Angolans know that it is worth it. 

The relation between Angola and UAE:

In December 2017, these countries strengthened economic relations. The officials of these countries met for fifteen minutes to discuss the aspects of economy and investments. The countries mutually agreed to invest in each other's nations. Agriculture, mining, and renewable energy seem the most explorable areas for investing. The relations are getting deeper than “Kuwait of Africa” and it is evident from the fact that the Emirates is allowing the Defence industry to attain training and cooperation of the military. The officials are also trying to help energy and waters are also to reach the African country.

The African country has an embassy in Abu Dhabi and an embassy of the Middle Eastern country in Luanda. These two countries have bilateral associations with each other and are having peaceful meetings. The tourism ministers of both countries have discussed the prospects of tourism that attract the people of both the nations that charm the travelers. For the nationals of Angola, people can call  +971 56 3290269 and +971 56 4189088 which are the numbers of the embassy in Abu Dhabi. 

Distance between the two countries: 

One of the countries is in the African continent and the other in the Asian continent. The distance between these two is 5,486 Kilometers. The approximate time to reach from one nation to the other is nearly eight hours or seven hours-and -fifty-one minutes to be exact. 

The timings may vary based on the flight that a person selects. December is the cheapest month to go from LAD to DXB (international) airport.  TAP Air and Emirates are the two famous airlines that connect the two countries.

UAE online visa for Angolan passport holders:

There are many types of visas for Angolan passport holders. The people can attain many types of visas by navigating to Touristvisaonline. It is the best method to apply for a visa from any country to any nation. Let us know about the visa types that one can opt from based on the number of days one can stay with it and the number of days the visa remains valid or, the number of times a person can enter the country using it. 

Based on the above things these are classified into various types. They are: 

  • A fourteen-day visa: This can be used to transit or layover and even to tour around in the country. It is a one-time entry only. It is available for USD 154 only, with the validity of the visa of fifty-eight days after attaining it. 
  • Thirty-days or one-month tourist visa: This type of visa is available for one time or many times for USD 164 and USD 310 respectively. People can go there any time before the completion of sixty days or two months. 
  • Ninety-days or three-months tourist visa: These are also available for one-time or multiple entries for USD 500 and USD 800 respectively. After attaining these visas, the Angolan passport holders can use them any-time between one day until six months. 
  • Layover visa of forty-eight hours or two-days: These are used for a layover and are issued by the government for free. Nevertheless, one has to apply for the visa so that the immigration officers stamp it on the passport. 
  • Transit visa for ninety-six hours or four days: This will cost USD 160 and a person can use both the transit visas only once. 

These are all the information about the types of visa that is needed to apply for a visa. If an individual applies from an ideal website like the Touristvisaonline, it will help him or her to attain it in just three days or seventy-two hours. 

It is a very trustable Online Travel Agency (OTA) that looks into the needs of the travelers and promises zero rejection of the application. Many people gained visas without any delay or rejection even during the time of a pandemic by navigating to this and applying from here. 

Most frequently asked queries about the United Arab Emirates (UAE) visa for Angola nationals:

Q. Can I get an insurance policy refund that is already approved back if I cannot travel?

Usually, that kind of refund is not done if one applies through the embassy in the capital city. But, if a person applies through the above-mentioned website he or she will surely get a refund if the travel authorization is rejected. 

Q. Is the process to apply for the e-visa hard when an Angolan passport holder applies for it?

No, it is a very simple way, and takes just three steps to apply for it using Touristvisaonline. 

Q. I do not understand English as I am from Angola. Can I get help from the website if I speak Portuguese well?

Yes, there is an option of all-day live web-chat using this and one can get assistance in Portuguese and many other languages. 

Hence now that you know about the United Arab Emirates visa you can easily have your own United Arab Emirates visa for Angola Nationals applied much faster. 

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