united arab emirates visa requirements for kenya nationals

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Kenya Nationals are not eligible for Visa-Free Entry in the United Arab Emirates(UAE). Also, they cannot avail of the United Arab Emirates Visa on Arrival. So, they have to apply for the United Arab Emirates Visa. But, there are various United Arab Emirates Visa Document requirements that the Kenya Nationals have to fulfil. Today we will talk about United Arab Emirates Visa Requirements For Kenya Nationals in detail.


  • How to apply for United Arab Emirates Visa?
  • Mandatory Visa Requirements for Kenya Nationals
  • UAE Visas that Kenya Nationals can apply
  • Can Kenya Nationals visit UAE without Visa
  • As a Kenya National, how can I get my United Arab Emirates Visa Easily?

How to apply for the United Arab Emirates Visa?

As said earlier Kenya Nationals are eligible for UAE Visa. UAE Embassy does not provide the Visas. UAE Based-Airlines, a hotel in the UAE where you have made your Bookings or a tour agency can provide you Visas. But, to get a Visa from the UAE Based Airlines, you need to fly with them. Licensed Hotels and Travel Agents can help you get Tourist Visa provided you buy Ticket through them and make Hotel Reservations with a specific hotel.

Mandatory Visa Requirements For Kenya Nationals

  • Kenya Nationals need to have a Passport with a Validity of 6 Months
  • Your Hotel Booking Details(Optional)
  • Confirmed Air Ticket(Optional)
  • If you are an Employer then you must give your Employment Details
  • Colour Photo(Against White Background)
  • Passport First and Last Page(Scanned)
  • Visa Guarantor Details(Optional)
  • You need someone who can apply for your Entry Permit.

Make sure the Documents are visible and of High Quality when you give the Documents. If you give any wrong document then your Application will be denied and you won’t receive your Visa.

UAE Visa that Kenya Nationals Can Apply

Kenya Nationals can apply for United Arab Emirates Visa Tourist Visa, United Arab Emirates Visa Business Visa, United Arab Emirates Visa Transit Visa, and United Arab Emirates Visa Student Visa. There are different United Arab Emirates Visa Requirements For Kenya Nationals according to the type of Visa they are applying. If Kenya citizens are visiting UAE for vacation then they can get Tourist Visa. They can get 14 Days,30 Days, and 90 Days tourist visa. They can apply for Single-Entry Visa and also Multiple Entry Visa. A single-Entry visa means it can only be used once to enter the UAE. After returning from UAE the Visa Expires. So, if they wish to visit UAE again then they have to apply for Visa once again.

Can Kenya Nationals visit UAE without Visa?

Entering without a visa in the UAE is illegal. If Kenya Nationals visit without Visa then legal actions can be taken against them. They might even go to Jail. So, it is always better to apply for Visa before your Journey. Kenya Nationals can get the Visa in 3 to 4 Working Days. To receive Visa as quickly as possible submit all the correct documents.

As a Kenya National, how can I get United Arab Emirates Visa Easily?

Are you confused about how can you get your Visa? Are you still confused about the Visa Process? Have you asked everyone but, still couldn't find answers to your questions? Then visit the Tourist Visa Online. Here you will find people who not only will help you but, are ready to answer all your questions 24x7. Tourist Visa Online has a team of experts who have been in this Visa Field for Years. The team will verify and check all your Documents. If they find any mistake in your Document they will correct it. Tourist Visa Online guarantees that you will receive your Visa. Here we provide easy to fill documents and 100% Secure Online Transaction. The team will tell you everything regarding your visa and guide you through all the process.


1) What is the Validity of the United Arab Emirates Visa for Kenya Nationals?

Ans: Kenya Nationals can get 14 Days, 30 Days, and 90 Days Tourist Visa.

2) Can Kenya Nationals get Employment Visa?

Ans: Yes, Kenya Nationals can get Employment Visa. For Employment Visa they need to give the License of the company where they will work and later apply for work and residence visas.

3) Should citizens of Kenya Visit UAE once in life?

Ans: Yes, UAE is the best Tourist Destination and if Kenya Citizens are thinking of any Tourist Destination then UAE is a really good choice. Also, there are a lot of work opportunities so, it also becomes a very good place to work.

4) What if my United Arab Emirates Visa Application gets rejected?

Ans: One can again reapply for Visa if the Application gets denied.

5) Can I get United Arab Emirates Visa through UAE based Airlines?

Ans: Yes, United Arab Emirates Visa can be availed through UAE based Airlines.

6) My one relative stays in UAE. Can I ask him to apply for Visa on my behalf?

Ans: Yes, your relative can apply for your Visa.

7) Should I apply for UAE e- Visa for my kids too?

Ans: Yes, parents should apply for UAE e-Visa for their kids. Kids also need a Visa to enter the UAE. Parents can apply visa for their kids in conjunction with their applications.

8) What are the United Arab Emirates Visa Requirements For Kenya Nationals regarding the Passport?

Ans: The passport must have a validity of 6 months is the main rule regarding the United Arab Emirates Visa. The validity should be from the Date of Arrival in UAE and not from the date of issue.

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