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About Djibouti

Djibouti is an African nation that serves as a strategic port having access to the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. Having been a French Colony for a considerable period of time, it has deep connections with France. The country is blessed with a variety of landscapes ranging from mountains, lakes, deserts, hills and beaches and with a rich flora and fauna that is endemic to the area. The country contains more than 820 species of plants, 360 species of birds and 66 different species of animals. The cultural heritage of Djibouti is unique with influences from the African culture. The country shares a lot of aspects of its culture with the neighbouring country Somaliland. The similarities were to an extent that made Djibouti known as the French Somaliland. 


Visiting Djibouti

Despite being relatively less known, Djibouti is a quite a vacation hub of the area owing to the various natural adventures that it offers. The geological prosperity of the region because of being located at the confluence three different water bodies is yet another attraction of the nation. Lastly, the beauty of the coral reefs and the Lake Abbe and Lake Assai, which are the top tourist destination of the country, receive hundreds of tourists every year. 
Historically, the country traces its roots to the immigrants from Arabia as a result of which the major religion of the country is Islam while the medieval history of the country comprises of colonisation by France. 

Djibouti Visa

As for any other sovereign nation, foreign nationals are required to obtain a eVisa before entering the national boundaries of Djibouti. The government of Djibouti issues two different kinds of eVisas in favour of convenience of the tourists:

  1. Transit Visa valid for 3 Days
  2. 31 Days Single Entry Visa

Both of these visas are issued for tourism and commercial purposes only. The applicant who have successfully obtained their visa can only enter Djibouti through Ambouli International Airport. 

Further, some documentation will also be required in order to successfully complete eVisa application form. The list of documents require for visa is:

  1. Original Passport with 6 months’ validity and 3 blank pages
  2. Recent Photograph
  3. Document explaining purpose of travel to the country
  4. Bank Statement of last 6 months with minimum balance of USD 5000
  5. Proof of Accommodation
  6. Flight Tickets

Additionally, it is possible that the Embassy/Consulate may ask for some other supporting documents.


How to Apply for Djibouti Visa?

One of the most convenient way to apply for Djibouti Visa is through Tourist Visa Online which is a comprehensive platform that can handle all your visa related needs regardless of where you are coming from and where you wish to go. 
The process of visa application on the website is extremely simple. You will have to specify the country of your citizenship, the country from where you are travelling and the country to which you hope to travel. The system will list down all the alternatives for visa that are available as well as the details related to them. In case of Djibouti, two alternatives are present:

  1. 3 Days Transit Visas that offer a single entry into the country with a validity of 14 days from the date of issue. The Visa fee for this alternative is 70 USD while 26 USD is charged as the processing fee. 
  2. 31 Days Single Entry Visas that offer a single entry into the country with a validity of 90 days from the date of issue. In this case, the visa charges are 90 USD while the processing charges are 26 USD.

After choosing the suitable alternative for your needs, you will need to provide information about the applicant and upload the documents. 


The Best Place to Apply Djibouti Visa

Tourist Visa Online is the perfect place to find all solutions for your visa issues. The online application is available 24X7 throughout the year and is always reviewed by experts to filter out any errors prior to submission. The process to apply visa has been simplified to maximize your convenience. Additionally, there is an approved insurance policy that gives you a refund in the rare occasion of visa getting rejected. 
It is a robust platform to solve all your visa needs regardless of your destination. The website provides its visa services to nationals of almost all countries in the world for their travel plans. With a track record of more than 1 million approved visa applications, the team is highly capable. The process has been made fast and simple to maximize your convenience in getting 100% authentic visa and the lowest visa fee. The process can be completed through the website which means there is no need to visit the embassy or the consulate. To address all your questions, there are ways to chat/email/call assistance available throughout the day 24X7.

Apply Djibouti Visa

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