united arab emirates visa for algeria nationals

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All the people who are not UAE citizens entering the United Arab Emirates must acquire a visa before they land, except for the citizens of the visa-exempt countries or of the countries which are qualified for visa on arrival. And all the people visiting the UAE are required essentially to have a passport that is valid until the next six months. All the citizens of countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council are eligible for freedom of movement unless they are from Qatar.

 Citizens of Qatar are allowed to enter a country in the Gulf cooperation council only if they have a family member as a resident in the country they want to enter. A United Arab Emirates visa is required for Algeria citizens as well because this country doesn’t come under the list of visa-exempt countries for UAE. But if any citizen of Algeria has a diplomatic or service category passport then they do not require a visa or can get a free visa when they arrive. So, such travelers need not apply for the visa in advance. 

What is the minimum age requirement for the visa application for the Algeria nationals?

The documents that are required for the citizens of each nation may vary with the country, age of the application, and also the gender of the applicant. For Algeria citizens, specifically, the age requirement, that is, the minimum age in order to be able to enter UAE is 40. Whereas, for most of the other nationalities the minimum age is 23 for women and 21 for men.

UAE visit visa types

  1. Transit Visa (It has a validity of 14 days)

The cost of this visa is around 110 USD. You need the following documents for the visa application:

Passport copy in color which is valid for more than 6 months. 

Passport size pictures.

Outbound flight tickets.

  1. Visit Visa (It has a validity of 30 days)

The cost of this visa is around 130 USD. The documents that are required for the visit visa are also the same as that of a transit visa, except for outbound flight tickets.

  1. Tourist visa (It has a validity of 90 days)

The cost of this visa is around 299 USD.  The documents are again the same as that of a visit visa.

How to get a UAE visa from Algeria?

The UAE embassies in Algeria do not provide tourist visas. You need to contact one of the UAE-based airline services, the hotel you are planning to stay at, or the tour company that you are booked with. They can apply for a visa to the authorities issuing visas officially on your account. Different airlines have different conditions that need to be fulfilled so that they can arrange a visa for you. 

One of the most important and common ones is that you fly with them while visiting the UAE. The travel agents and hotels which are licensed can also get you a tourist if you buy the ticket from them and also maintain the reservation of stay with the particular hotel.

There are also several travel agencies in Algeria which can guide you not only on the tour packages to UAE, but also are in collaboration with the local tour agencies in UAE. One can also apply for a visa through them. The main thing that needs to be kept in mind is that there may also be some fake companies trying to lure you into buying the package from them.


Q. Is it safe for Algerians to travel to UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is a very safe federation. Safety is not even a concern while traveling to this place.

Q. What safety measures should be taken while taking a transport or a taxi?

There are slight risks of accidents. Driving off-road is not suggested. Before getting into a taxi or renting a vehicle, make sure that it is well equipped and do check if you have enough water.

Q. Is there a risk of pickpockets in the UAE?

Even though there are very few cases of pickpockets as there are a huge number of tourists every year, it doesn’t hurt to be careful and attentive to your surroundings.

Q. Should we be careful of the scams?

As we know that UAE is rich and a prosperous region, the scam rate is almost zero here.

Q. Is travel insurance required when you are traveling to UAE?

Same as every other country, it is better to get travel insurance as it helps you when you have some medical issues and also it covers the cost when you lose your valuables due to theft or unexpected situations.

Q. What is the average temperature in UAE?

The temperature ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees Celsius.

Q. What are the safety measures that need to be taken by women travelers?

Even though the UAE is said to be one of the safest places in the world, women travelers must dress traditionally and stay in groups after the sunset. We would also suggest that women should avoid making eye contact with strangers, especially men. If you are traveling alone on a United Arab Emirates visa for Algeria nationals, it might be better to avoid bars and clubs. 

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