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UAE or the United Arab Emirates is a country that is a federation of seven emirates. The most famous of these seven provinces are Dubai and Abu Dhabi but there are five others like Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm al Quwain. It is a very extravagant country. This extravagant country is now giving a chance to all of the citizens of Anguilla to experience their own United Arab Emirates view with the United Arab Emirates visa for Anguilla and this is now possible with Touristvisaonline who will be a guide during each of your steps.

This one of the peaceful countries that formed peaceful reactions by agreeing with the other nations. The Emirates were brought under one union in 1971. 

Most of the power and riches are concentrated in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and these are the most popular among the travelers. However, the other provinces are also worth exploring. 

The Emiratis or the natives of these seven provinces are very less, approximately around twelve percent of the total population. All the other people in these are the expatriates out of which only three percent of them are Westerners. 

This country is vast and diversified. There are versatile opportunities to explore in each of the parts of the nation. There are clear distinctions and shifts of landscapes even if we would have imagined a sandy, hot, and dry atmosphere. 


It is the epitome of serenity and purity of nature. This is an island in the Caribbean and is thought of as the best of all the islands of the Caribbean!

This island is a symbol of resilience as even if it was devastated by hurricanes and storms, it welcomed travelers by settling things and damages. It has scenic beaches and most of them are not easily commutable, thus garnering fewer crowds. This is the most suitable location for adventures like kite surfing, snorkeling, etc. 

This island has warm temperatures and beaches which is the climatic similarity with the federation country or the “country of gold” in Middle Eastern Asia. Both of these countries enchant many tourists and are expensive. 

This island covers an area of ninety-one square Kilometers. This island has enchanting blue sea-water and white-sand beaches are the most pleasurable sights to see, hence the nick-name tranquility wrapped in blue.

Distance between UAE and Anguilla: 

The distance between these two countries is 11,744 Kilometers. To reach from one country to the other it takes a minimum of 19 hours and thirty-three minutes. However, there are no direct airplanes from airports. 

The most cost-effective way to reach from Anguilla to the “country of luxury and gold” will take 23 hours and thirty-three minutes. The cost will be around USD 1,022. 

One of the countries is in the North American continent and the other in the Middle Eastern part of Asia. There is thus a time difference between the “tranquility wrapped in blue” and the Middle East-Asian country is eight hours. The island country is eight hours behind it. 

Passport details of the Anguillan citizens: 

The citizens do not have a special passport but the passport of the British. Passports for all the Anguillan people are given in the United Kingdom after 2015. 

According to the Henley passport Index of 2020, the British passport holds the sixteenth rank. Hence, the Anguillans might also be considered as nationals of the United Kingdom by default. The people going to this country of UK nationality are 1,200,00 in 2019, out of which a few may be from the Caribbean island country. 

Relations between these two countries:

These countries have good relations and as the income of the island country comes mainly from tourism and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), the rich country of the Middle East-Asia that is well known for its investments and prosperity invests in it. 

The embassy of this Caribbean country is situated in Abu Dhabi. These maintain peaceful and affable relations for safety and income through tourism. 

The currency of this island is the East Caribbean Dollar (ECD) and one ECD equates to 1.36 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham). Usually the capital of this island, The Valley is ten percent more expensive than Dubai! A similarity is this cost of living or expenses and the number of mixed ethnicities is high in both countries. Why not go and explore other similarities now! 

UAE (United Arab Emirates) visa for Anguilla

There are various United Arab Emirates visa types that are given by the hospitable Emirati country. One can take the ideal one that is suitable for the needs or purposes. They are all classified based on the number of days a person can stay (also called stay validity), the number of days the person can go after getting the visa (also known as the validity of the visa), and the number of times a person can enter the “country of gold”.

The types of visas are as follows:

  • Transit visas: There are only one-time entries. One is of 48 hours or two-days and is given for free after reaching. Nevertheless, the person still has to apply for it before reaching the country. 

The other visa for the layover is of four-days or 96 hours transit visa, which costs of USD 170.

  • Tourist visas of thirty-days or one-month: Using this the Anguillans can enjoy the beauties of the country for thirty days and this visa has a validity of sixty days or two-months. Both one-time entry or multiple entry permit visas are available for the prices USD 164 and USD 310 respectively.
  • Tourist visa of ninety-days or three-months: Anguillans who want to spend more time enjoy the marvelous buildings and soak in the basking brown-sand luxurious beaches of the seven provinces can opt for this visa. After they attain it, they can go anywhere between one to one-eighty days. This is a one-time entry and will cost about USD 500. 

Let us hurry and apply for any of these visas and relax in another famous travelers’ destination! Navigate to Touristvisaonline to get all the assistance to apply for the visa through the blog as well as the all-available live-web chats. It is the best Online Travel Agency (OTA) from which one can apply for visas effortlessly and attain without any rejection in just three days!

Frequently asked queries about UAE (United Arab Emirates) visa for Anguilla:

Q. From where do I start to reach the Emirates?

One can start from the capital city, The Valley air station St. Maarten (SMX).

Q. What is the usual stop for the layover when I want to go to the Middle East as an Anguillan citizen?

 It is mostly in France, Paris to be exact. One can apply for the transit visa through Touristvisaonline if needed. 

Q. If I need any help in the country, where do I go?

Reach out to the Anguillan Embassy in Abu Dhabi for any queries related to the United Arab Emirates visa for Anguilla

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