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The United Arab Emirates is popularly known as one of the top tourist destinations worldwide. Several million tourists visit cities in the United Arab Emirates every year. One of the main factors that come into play while traveling to this country is its requirement for a United Arab Emirates visa. There are several visa options available, out of which, the most popular is the 30 Days Single Entry United Arab Emirates Visa. If you are planning to visit the United Arab Emirates for a duration shorter than 30 days, this is the right visa for you. You can use it for any purpose of your visit, be it business or leisure.

The 30 Days United Arab Emirates visa is the right fit is you are traveling to the country for the first time since they're a lot to discover in the country of the United Arab Emirates. From the Burj Khalifa to the world’s largest mall, the United Arab Emirates has it all. Tune in to this article to find out everything about a 30 Days United Arab Emirates visa and how to get it for your upcoming trip to the United Arab Emirates.


Q. 30 Days United Arab Emirates visa - Who is eligible?

Any tourist traveling from any part of the world is eligible for the 30 Days United Arab Emirates visa. Take note of certain countries that do not require a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates such as the Gulf Corporation Council countries which are the Middle Eastern Countries. There are several countries that fall under the list of countries that are eligible for United Arab Emirates Visa on arrival. These countries as well do not require a visa to step into the United Arab Emirates, they can avail their visas after reaching the Dubai International airport.

However, irrespective of these conditions, one can always apply for a 30 Days United Arab Emirates visa if their visit is under 30 days. It is always beneficial to get your visa prior to reaching the United Arab Emirates if you belong to the countries which are eligible for the United Arab Emirates visa on arrival. 

Q. How to apply for the 30 Days United Arab Emirates Visa?

Visa application for the United Arab Emirates can get really tricky. In today’s times, there are several ways to apply United Arab Emirates visa. There are various sites and companies which offer you visa services. But with the increase in demand for a United Arab Emirates visa, there are also various people providing fake visas. It is always essential to verify your agency and it can also get quite difficult which is why we bring you with the most convenient option right at your foot.

United Arab Emirates visa application is very easy and sophisticated with Tourist Visa Online. Online mode of applying for a visa has proven to be better than the actual application of visa.

The steps are very simple:

  1. Visit www.touristvisaonline.com
  2. You can select your citizenship and your country
  3. Proceed to fill out the application form
  4. Submit all of your documents that are required
  5. Make the payment online
  6. Receive your United Arab Emirates visa in your email

And you are done! It is truly that simple.

There is another way to this if you have a relative or a sponsor residing in the United Arab Emirates. This person can sponsor your 30 Days visa. In case you are visiting the United Arab Emirates because of your occupation, you can contact your employer or your organization to sponsor your UAE Visa.

For this, make sure you have the following documents:

  • Sponsor letter or job invite
  • Residential proof
  • Emirates Identification Card

Make sure that your sponsor proceeds with the initial paperwork for your 30 Days United Arab Emirates visa at the Ministry of Human Resouce and Emiratisation.

Q. What are the documents required for your 30 Days United Arab Emirates visa?

There are only a few simplified documents required for your visa:

  • Copy of the front page of your passport
  • Copy of the last page of your passport
  • Passport size photograph with a clear background
  • Confirmed airline tickets
  • Itinerary with your hotel bookings

People are always confused about whether travel insurance is compulsory or not while they travel to the United Arab Emirates. The answer is no, the travel insurance for United Arab Emirates Visa does not fall under the required documents category, it is rather an additional document by presenting which, your visa checking can be simplified. But at the same time, your travel insurance is always important when you travel to a different country. Anything unpredictable can happen on your trip and you want to make sure that you are covered for any sort of damage. You really don’t want to end up spending a lot more than you anticipated.

Q. How will I be receiving my 30 Days United Arab Emirates visa?

You will receive your 30 Days United Arab Emirates Visa on the email address that you provided while filling the application form. It will take around 3-4 days to process your 30 Days visa. The processing time with Tourist Visa Online is very minimal and hence they offer the fastest service. Meanwhile, if you want to check the status of your United Arab Emirates visa, you have the option to track your visa and also to connect with an expert through the hotline which is available 24/7.

Q What is visa validity and stay validity for 30 days visa?

Your visa validity starts from the moment you receive your United Arab Emirates in your email address and your stay validity starts from the time you reach the United Arab Emirates. For your 30 Days United Arab Emirates visa, the visa validity is of 60 days and your stay validity is of 30 days.


Get your 30 Days United Arab Emirates visa through Tourist Visa Online to have a safe and secured trip to the United Arab Emirates. Assured visa with faster processing time and visa guarantee. Have a happy journey to the United Arab Emirates!

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