united arab emirates visa for antigua nationals

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UAE or the United Arab Emirates is a union of the seven provinces ruled by the Emirs. It is located in the Middle East of the Asian continent. This country is a home for extravagance. Now passport holders of Antigua can also make the United Arab Emirates a home for extravagance through the United Arab Emirates visa for Antigua which can be readily be made available through Touristvisaonline.

This is a country of variety, distinction, and development. It is one of the prosperous nations as it has earned its income through trade and striding towards advancement in the field of tourism. 

Seven provinces have differences and commonalities. Though only two or three Emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah are popular there are aspects in each of these provinces that one cannot take for granted.

In the last twenty years or the last two decades, these have developed so quickly that it amazed the entire world. It welcomes almost all countries to enjoy and take back great memories. This Arabian country has everything to offer for the people who go to explore it. 


This is the biggest island in Antigua and Barbuda! The explorer and the discoverer of many lands saw this piece of the island but he ignored it. It will be a great mistake if we do the same thing as he did!

It is extremely beautiful and a bright country with a pop of colors used everywhere. Ranging from the days of sugar and slavery until the period of legends of cricket is all evident in every part of the country.

If the seven places of the Middle East-Asian country consist of wonders created by man, the island country is full of natural wonders like the Devil’s bridge. This island in the West Indies is also called the “jewel of the Lesser Antilles” as it has all the sea-life, amazing flowers, and historic ruins. 

This is well-known for its diversity in food. People of this country are sure to like the versatile cuisine of the Arabian country. It was under colonization by the British and its influence is visible. 

This pretty island covers an area of 281 square Kilometers. The climate is hot and sultry here and the people will get acclimatized to the general climate as it is mostly similar. 

Distance from Antigua to the United Arab Emirates (UAE):

The distance between the “jewel of the lesser Antilles” and the “city of gold and extravagance” is 11,697 Kilometers or 7,276 miles. The time that one takes to go from Antigua to any of the seven provinces is 15 hours and three minutes. 

Time difference between these two counties: 

Antigua is in the North- American continent and the federation of the seven Emirates is in the Middle Eastern part of the Asian continent. Hence, the time difference between them is eight hours. The city of gold, extravagance, and development is eight hours ahead of the “jewel of Lesser Antilles”.  

Relations between the two countries: 

These countries have friendly relations with each other and put equal efforts to maintain these bilateral relations. In 2016, the Minister of International Cooperation and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of both countries signed an agreement to improve their relations. 

The agreement was called “Investment Promotion and Protection”. This will help both countries to expand their income sources. In August 2016, they also agreed on air transport thereby opening an embassy in Abu Dhabi. 

These are extremely peaceful and friendly countries known for their hospitality. They are known to host a large number of travelers each day. 

UAE visa online for Antigua passport holders: 

Antiguan passport holders need to attain a visa to go to the Asian country. The Emiratis can go to this island country without any visa (especially with the recently announced economic citizenship) but this is not the same the other-way-round.

There are several kinds of visas for the Antiguans from which they can select the one that is useful and more apt for their purpose. They are classified based on the number of days that a person can stay using it, the number of days the visa is valid for, and also the number of times one can enter the country using it.

The following are the types of visas:

  • Transit visas: The visas are only for stopover or layover. Taking these visas will empower the Antiguans who have a connecting flight and they can go and explore the city out of the airport. 

These are of forty-eight hours or two-days which is for free and the ninety-six hours or four-day visa for USD 170. These are of one-time entry only. 

  • Tourist visa of 14 days or two-weeks: This is of only a one-time entry and one can enter the country till the fifty-eight day of attaining this visa.
  • Tourist visa of 30 days or one-month: This type of visa is available for one-time entry and even multiple entries. The cost depends on the number of entries. 
  • Tourist visas of 90 days or three-months: This visa is available for both single and multiple entries. If the Antiguans want to apply for this visa in advance, it is important to remember that the visa will be valid for six months (180 days) of attaining it. 

Navigate to Touristvisaonline to apply for it effortlessly and stay without any anxiety of rejection of visa. As the e-visa given by this country is easy to make a fake copy of, one can be sure that a real visa is attained in just three days!

Most frequently asked queries: 

Q. How much does the currency of Antigua convert into the currency of UAE?

One East Caribbean Dollar equals  1.36 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham). 

Q. Where is the Antiguan embassy in the UAE?

The Antiguan embassy is in Abu Dhabi.

Q. Do I need to take a visa to go to all other countries?

No, not every country demands a visa. If one is an Antiguan passport holder he or she is considered very lucky as the passport is of the highest rank in the Caribbean and can go to 122 nations without any visa! However, it is absolutely necessary to have a United Arab Emirates visa for Antigua while traveling to the UAE.

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