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Malaysia is a country in Asia in the southeast part. The capital is Kuala Lumpur. The money they use is the Malaysian ringgit. The official language used in Malaysia is Malay. It is a very beautiful country to visit. They have many attractive places for tourists. The rainforests, the beaches, the Borneo islands, etc. are the attractions in this country. The Indians are the part of tourist who visits Malaysia every year. Here are we are going to discuss Malaysia visas for Indian passports. The details about Malaysia visa requirements for Indian citizens. So read and find out. 

Indian citizen’s requirements for Malaysia visa:

The passengers from India who want to visit Malaysia needs to get a visa well before. So they can have the documents and requirements ready for applying for the visa. The requirements needed that’s listed below.  They are photos of passport size with a plain background.  A copy of the passport original with a minimum validity of about six to seven months and with the front page empty is a must. A copy of the end page of the passenger passport is a must. The passenger is then the mentioned age they must carry a birth certificate along. The tickets booked for both arrival and return are a must for proof.  The final document needed is the accommodation proof for living in Malaysia. After arriving airport or border they may ask for certain documents. They are the flight boarding pass, itinerary of travel, and visa. These are the common requirements for getting a visa and boarding the flights.


Visa types for Indian citizens:

The eNRTI visa has a valid stay period of fifteen (15) days. The expiry date for the visa is 3 months from the issues date. The time for processing a visa takes about one to two working days. This is only meant for Indian citizens. It has a possibility for people to enter the country only once using this visa. It is the authorization for travelling given to Indian people. It can be got again after the expiry of the first one. 
The next visa has got the option of entering and leaving Malaysia many times with the same visa. It has a period stay validity of about thirty (30) days. The expiry date is valid from the issue date that is three (3) months. The processing for the visa takes about 5 to 7 business days. This applies to Indian citizens who wish to visit India. 
The visa that has the permission of only one entry with the visa is called a single entry visa. They have the same validity as that of another visa that is for three (3) months. The processing of this visa takes about 4 to 6 working days for completing the process. This is also valid for Indian citizens to visit Malaysia.



Malaysia is a must-visit country for tourists. So the Indians who want to travel to Malaysia can go through these details and plan their trip. The requirements are mentioned clearly above. The Malaysia visa is available for passengers online. They can apply if they need a visa. There are different visas for different purposes. They can select them according to their needs. There is a difference between the eNRTI and the electronic visa is also mentioned in detail in the frequently asked questions. And also about the visa on arrival for Indian citizens that’s mentioned below.


Apply Malaysia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The e-visa in Malaysia allows passengers to stay in Malaysia for a period of 1 month. The expiry of the e-visa is up to 90 days from the issue date of the visa. Here on this visa, they have permission for many entries. They can enter Malaysia any number of times. They can even exit Malaysia any number of times. All these entries and exits did within the expiry period of the visa issued. 
The next is the eNTRI it means electronic travel registration and information. This has a stay period validity of fifteen (15) days. But this has permission only for one entry to the country. The expiry date is for 90 days that is 3 months. The people coming from countries like Singapore, Thailand, and India to visit Malaysia can avail this eNTRI visa. 

No, Indian citizens cannot get a Malaysia visa on arrival at airports. The Indian passengers who travel from India need to get a visa in advance before entering Malaysia. The option for visa on arrival for Indians there is a possibility. The Indian citizens come from another country like Thailand or Singapore other than India to visit Malaysia. They have a chance to get an arrival visa at airports. The ultimate decision that’s taken by the immigration center at airports for granting visas. They can avoid all this chaos by getting the visa in advance.


The answer to the question is yes. They need a Malaysian visa for any Indians to enter Malaysia.  There are 2 visas available. They can apply for e-visa or eNTRI for entering Malaysia. It can directly apply online or visit embassies of Malaysia in your country and get a visa. The visa applying places are available everywhere in the city. 

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