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The United Arab Emirates is a group of countries with a federal monarchy. Most of the people travel to the country to look for jobs or studies. But every nation has a different procedure to get a visa for the same. Congo is the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa. They have a population of over 8 crores. A United Arab Emirates visa for Congo nationals is required for a short visit from countries like Congo and if the applicant has to stay longer in the country they have to apply for a work visa or a study visa. Here, let’s discuss how one can apply for a United Arab Emirates visa from Tourist Visa Online.


  • Applying online
  • Sponsorship
  • Different UAE visa types
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Applying online

The nationals planning their travel to the UAE can apply online from the comforts of their homes. It is available for nationals of various countries including Congo. The officials suggest applying for the visa as soon as possible if the travel is fixed. Usually, it takes up to four days to process. If the traveler has a relative or friend who is a resident of the UAE, they can apply for the visa on his/her behalf from the commissioning office.

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The sponsorship for travel requires various conditions. The sponsor needs to have a minimum salary, must be a resident of the UAE, and have all the necessary documents while filing or applying for the visa. Having a sponsor almost assures getting the visa for the necessary purpose.

The validity of the visa from the day of issue is 60 days. The usual processing time for any visa application is 24-72 working hours and the validity for stay is 14 days for a travel visa. Job seekers need to deposit certain money as a security deposit for the approval of the visa. The visa is available for one month or two months or three months.

UAE is a country with extremely strict laws. So do not try to scam your way into the country because if you are caught, the penalties you would face would be hefty and you could also serve time in prison. So legally enter the country to be safe.

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Different UAE visa types: 

The nationals of Congo can have the following visa types being made available for them. with just a United Arab Emirates visa application form, applying for a visa becomes comparatively easier than thought. Tourist Visa Online with its few steps and not many requirements also gives a good deal of visa applications. the following are the visa that one can have: 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to visit the UAE with my family for a short trip, what should I do?

If you want to visit the country for a small trip, you would have to apply for a travel visa for all your family members.

Q. Can I travel without a visa to the UAE?

It depends on the country you reside in. Some countries do not require a visa and other countries do.

Q. What should I do if I want to study in the UAE?

You can apply for a study visa. You have to provide all the necessary background checks and the letter of joining the university.

Q. Congo nationals can apply for a visa?

Congo nationals can apply using any of the above methods.

Q. Does Tourist Visa Online also provide other facilities than visa applications?

Yes, one can have access to other facilities than applying for a United Arab Emirates visa for Congo nationals through Tourist visa Online.

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